Monday, June 17, 2013

My Monday:

After saying goodbye to my sister and her family and wrapping up our father's day weekend, I didn't really want it to be Monday. Although, I was ready to get back to our normal routine and also to get back to work and cleaning up my house. I took last week off from taking any clients, and it was a wonderful break.

But I have to admit, I was up late last night researching new color lines for my business and before 9 am this morning, the boys and I were in the beauty supply checking them out and asking lots of questions.

This afternoon I had two of my friends over to have their hair done. I tried out a prospective new color line and fell in love with it. I think it is time to make the big switch.

The girls and I ordered Chinese in and I had a blast doing their hair and spending time with them.

The boys played around us most of the morning, and I felt a little guilty about that, but made up for it after Whitney left.

Ezra and I made popsicles days ago and I finally caved in and let him have one (inside) (They are so drippy and sticky)Ezra and I hid under our bed covers until Marshall came home and we waited quietly for him to come in so we could jump out and scare him. Ezra loved this.

Ezra requested pizza (again) and Marshall made some. Marshall makes a great pizza, and NOT frozen, either! Dough and all!  (I ate like junk today. Don't judge me) Ezra, Eli and I played a little while our pizza was being made.

After our dinner, we went on a walk. I needed to get outside and Ezra and Eli definitely needed the fresh air.

I am not kidding when I say that Ezra RAN the entire way-- there and back. His little cheeks were puffy and flushed and his head was soaked with sweat. He was talking all the way up until we shut his door and said goodnight. I swear Ezra was talking from the second he woke up this morning, to the second his head hit his pillow. He seems to have a lot to say these days.

 Eli has his six month doctors appointment tomorrow and I am already prepping myself for his vaccinations. Poor little guy doesn't take to them very well, not even with baby advil.

I have hair appointments every day this week. I love being busy.

We are also considering having our house repainted,any color suggestions for us?

Have a great week!