Monday, June 24, 2013

My Monday:

I woke up this morning thinking we were going to have this crazy morning with a house filled with friends. But plans quickly changed and the day opened completely. The downside was that Marshall's car was in the shop, and he had to take the van. We were stranded. I hate when I can't go anywhere! 
I thought that this would be the day that I would get the bedding washed, the windows cleaned, the laundry folded, the furniture polished, the floors swept and mopped...

I was maybe able to get 3 of those things done.. and I still feel like I barely accomplished anything.

I had to manage my time wisely today.

This weekend, Ezra decided that he wanted to use the potty. Today we went to the potty every hour and he successfully went! We added a sticker to his chart every time. This task in itself was a full days job.

Not only was I trying to check off the chores on my list and potty train Ezra, Eli is on to his baby food 3x a day in- between- nursing schedule. 

If I wasn't sitting on the floor next to Ezra while I talked to him as he tried to use the potty, I was feeding Eli. And BOY can this boy eat! He never seemed to be done.
He seems to like his green beans more than his bananas and squash. He likes his veggies like his big bro. 
Ezra loves his veggies.

Ezra requested grilled cheese and apples for lunch. I was happy to make it for him. I love when his requests are so specific. For dinner he wanted Macaroni and cheese. He will tell you that cheese is his favorite. He loves cheese and will eat a whole pack of cheese singles. but that is gross. We would never let him do that.

When nap time rolled around, I was SO ready.

Eli went right down with a full belly and heavy eyes.
Ezra went down after reading him "Everybody Poops" He has yet to #2 in the potty. This is my main focus this week, I am hoping by next week he will be wearing his big boy underwear. 
Can I say that I was not planning on potty training him. We were thinking that we would start when he turned three. Everyone told us that it would be easier if we waited... but he was ready and he is obviously capable of doing it. I am happy to go at his pace and praying that he will not regress. I am sure there will be lots of accidents in the next month or so and I am getting (mentally and physically) prepared for them. 
We will be spending a lot of time outside.

Anyways, we all napped. and we napped good.
I woke up after the rain had stopped and could only hear the last drippings from outside my window.
I didn't want to move. My arms and legs felt like they were packed with sand. 

Eli was awake and ready to continue on with his day. I fed him and waited for Ezra to wake up. Once we were all awake. I moved quickly around the house and around the boys trying to clean where I could.
I realized halfway through my day that it's ridiculous to try cleaning the floors when you have small children.
Immediately after sweeping and mopping the kitchen, Ezra spilled his drink. Ughhh...
All of Ezra's fresh, soft, clean blankets were strewn about all over our (filthy) carpets and were probably already needing to be washed again. ...oh well.

When Marshall got home and I told him about my day, he said "It's hard being a mom."

I quickly corrected him. "Oh no. It's not hard being a mom. It is hard running a house!" "Being a mom is the easy part." 
This is so true for me. Being a mother has come so naturally to me. I never expected it to be so completely instinctual, but it is. 
It is fun and wonderful. 
At times it definitely isn't a walk in the park. I would MUCH rather spend the day with my growing boys, than cleaning our house.

After dinner and baths, Ezra helped me lotion up Eli. Eli has some eczema patches on his skin and Ezra watches me load up the lotion on Eli quite often. Ezra asked to help. I let him take over. Because, honestly, this was the sweetest thing I have ever seen in my life.

I thought about how selfless Ezra was being in this moment with his little brother. He was so gentle with Eli. He took his time with him and made sure he didn't miss a spot. I loved watching Eli as he laid there and looked at Ezra. His little arms and hands tried reaching for Ezra almost as though he was thanking him. It was like I was watching their brotherly bond form in front of my eyes. 

I am sure later down the road, Ezra will be so repulsed that he even did this for his little brother. But I will remind him of his sweetness and how his innocence has taught me more than anything else in this life possibly could.

I am so grateful to be able to grow up with my husband and my children. There isn't a day that goes by that I  don't grow a little more in some area of my life.
 I feel that I am really blessed to have children to teach me every day.

Have a great week!