Friday, July 12, 2013

Fun Facts Friday::

This week flew by for us. I did my best to keep Ezra busy. We went to the library, the splash pad, to Sams club for samples/lunch (genius idea) and the Nature center. I have been feeling guilty about doing so much hair this summer and not spending more time outside with Ezra. I have been trying to make up for it. 

Here are a couple fun facts.

-The only time I actually talked to Marshall and saw Marshall longer than a few minutes this week was last night. We walked to DQ and I ran back. I shouldn't have added extra oreos.. yowza.

-Marshall and I both agreed that we need to eat our vegetables BEFORE eating our actual dinner. Maybe eating half a bag of steamed broccoli didn't help with my oreo blizzard.

-Ezra asked for a buzz cut this week. This is the last photo I have of him with hair and it makes me sad. I LOVED his hair. I feel like he is known for his fluffy, blonde hair. But He is SO much cooler and   happier with it shorter. He doesn't wake up from his naps grumpy anymore and he is a lot less sweaty.

- The first thing I do when I get to any park is look for a shady spot to sit. (Like Ferdinand, anyone familiar with this book) 

-  Ezra will do whatever other kids do. I hope he isn't always a follower. 

- Ezra can't handle eating an entire ice cream cone on his own. But is sure cute when he tries.

- Eli is 7 Months, today! I cannot believe how fast it has gone! I know that I must say this every month but let's be real....he is 7 months!

-With that, Eli is teething SO BAD! We aren't getting sleep around these parts. He has his two bottom teeth in and one thru in the top and another one poking thru. They are killing him.. and he is killing us....Teething is the worse.

- I recently switched color lines and LOVE it.

-Hang nails are the WORST! 

We are shoveling rock this weekend-- make sure to drive by and honk!  ;)