Friday, July 19, 2013

Fun Facts Friday::

What a great week. I have been having SO much fun with Ezra and Eli these past few weeks. I am so happy to be able to get out of the house with them. I am especially loving showing and teaching Ezra about all the things he sees. He is such a sponge and soaks everything up. He never forgets a thing either.

We went to the library this week for story time and picked up 4 books on fire trucks. We planned on seeing a police car and fire truck that evening and we were so excited. Ezra was ecstatic when the fire truck rolled in. He is a quiet excited, he approached the truck slowly and steadily while cautiously taking the sticker and hat given to him by the nice fireman, but I could tell he wanted to just burst. I am happy we stayed out a little later on a weeknight for him to experience this. After a night like this all I can think of how so much joy that comes from parenthood- and it keeps getting better.

Here are some fun facts.

-Marshall noticed this week that he has big feet. I have always known that his feet were big(ger than mine, anyways)

-Marshall and I tried to clean our basement. Considering we had an hour to spare before bedtime, I think it looks pretty good. I mean, we just hid everything so you can't see it, but still! Now, we have space for our ping pong table.

- I feel like my uterus hurts, is this normal? OR maybe I am finally experiencing what people call, "menstrual cramps"-- never had them before.. not sure? But my lower abdomen are tender. I don't get it.

-I want to stop eating sugar again- but I am putting off... but I should really just stop.

-Our noise machine for Eli. IS AMAZING! Why have I never thought of getting one before? He has slept the night every night since getting it! He sleeps at night to heartbeat and likes the sound of the ocean during his naps in the day time.

- I feel really grateful that we haven't been sick with anything the last couple months. knock on wood... really.. knock on wood. I know it has been good for us to be outside. But I felt like we were all sick for a while there....

-I really love taking photos of my family. Can you tell?

- I was so excited when a friend asked me to watch her little girl today. I wanted to keep her! She was perfect and SO easy. I am not even kidding.

- I have so much love for my boys, I kind of feel like I am going to explode sometimes.

- I really want to watch one of my sisters/friends give birth. Someone please let me! (I swear, I am not a creep. I just love it!)

- No one should ever.. and I repeat ever be embarrassed by anything in front of me.

-I miss driving a manual.

-We just planned a super fun day away in August and we are really looking forward to it.

July is really flying by! I can't believe we are halfway through it already! I am getting really excited for the State fair!

Have a great weekend!