Friday, July 26, 2013

Fun Facts Friday:

This was a long week for me and I am still trying to pinpoint why. I cancelled our weekly trip to the library to go to the nature center with my mother in law on one of the most beautiful days I think we have had all summer. 
I love a cool summer day.  

Here are a couple fun facts:

- Ezra's dresser in his room sure is cute and matches perfectly... BUT the knobs pop off every time I try to open the drawers and there are no tracks in the drawers. (it was a hand me down. Thanks mom and dad.) It makes me mad- every single morning. Whitney installed a closet organizer in Ezra's room so I can get rid of that stupid dresser- and it looks fantastic! She is truly amazing.

-Eli has discovered his voice this week and it has been wildly entertaining.

- Eli's other top tooth has poked through. He officially has 4 chompers. I am pretty sure we are going strong on a tooth a week for the month of July. 

- I could look at pictures of hair all day. 

- I sometimes wonder if I will ever have a little girl. I imagine her face, her eyes her smile and know that she is already mine.

- I want to throw everything in my house away. NO more junk NO more clutter!

-I seriously am considering owning 7 shirts that have the day of the week printed on the chest. 
Sunday -Saturday. Finding something to wear every day is such a pain when I have to get everyone else dressed, too. I remember it being so much more fun.

- The exterior of our house and deck are getting painted next week! Yahoo!!! Things are happening over here!

- Eli seems to prefer to be swaddled at night and during naps because he rubs his face so much he wakes himself up when we don't swaddle him. I think he is too big and too old...I am struggling with this.

-I recently had a haircut-- and am wishing I had just cut it all off! I need a new look. So bored of myself.

-My uterus (or whatever that was) doesn't hurt anymore. I don't know what that was all about. Glad I am more comfortable.

- I should have taken more photos this week. I hate that I didn't.

We are happy for another cool weekend!

Have a good one!