Saturday, July 6, 2013

Fun Facts//Super Saturday Post

We have had a very busy and eventful week. All fun. Even getting work done in the yard!
We didn't do too much for the 4th of July. We went to our church's annual breakfast at the park. We love going and look forward to it every year. We set up a little pool in the backyard for Ezra to splash in and get eaten up by the bugs. We stopped at the grocery store to pick up hot dogs, chips and soda and had our own little traditional meal. It was nice and a little boring. Which I like! I don't think I am bored enough these days. We always have too much going on.

Here are a couple fun facts and photos from our weekend (that isn't even over yet!)

-We met up with friends at the library and at the splash pad this week. Both were AWESOME! I cannot wait to take Ezra back to the library this week. I have marked out a spot on our calendar that we will go every week from now on. Ezra loved it and we love surrounding him with books.

-I attended a homeschooling symposium last weekend and I am leaning more and more toward homeschooling the more I learn about it. I am glad that I am doing my research about it now. I know it won't be long before we need to really decide how we want our children to be educated.

-A lot of Ezra's friends are girls and all his girl friends are taller than him-- and younger than him.

- I truly LOVE my friends. I wish I could spend more time with all of them. I am so grateful to have such wonderfully real people in my life and also to be able to watch their families grown along side mine.

 -I hate wearing shorts. I'd rather wear a skirt.
-I am in charge of writing the checks for bills that come in the mail, but if I don't open the mail- I don't see the bill and the bill doesn't get paid. We have sent a few late payments for my lack of attention to the bills coming in lately. Not a good habit.
-I wish I was in more photos on my blog. I want my children to know that I was with them in all these photos, that I was playing and working, too. I hope they remember that.

-Eli officially has 3 little tiny teeth and I am afraid his 2nd top tooth is next. We have learned that Ezra and Eli are both allergic to Advil. They break out in a rash all over their body. Infants Tylenol seems to great. I won't make that mistake again.

-We tend to take on projects without realizing HOW much work it will actually entail. 
In example. We thought that this weekend we would dig up the weedy and rocky area in front of our house and plant a bush and add some colorful flowers. There was WAY more rock and dirt to dig and go through than we realized. We had to literally hand pick through the dirt and weeds so we could use the rock elsewhere in our yard. This was not fun. It was a LOT of tedious and meticulous work.

-I know NOTHING about planting or flowers. This is just embarrassing! We went to pick out some flowers and bushes that we could decorate our yard with and I was so overwhelmed. I wanted someone to walk around and just tell me what to buy (like the commercial!) I also would like them to come to my house and plant for me. I will water them, I promise. 
Our yard is going to look so nice.

-Thank heavens for my in laws who spent their entire day off at our house. They either played with the boys or sorted the rock. We NEVER would have gotten as far as we did without them.

-We put Ezra to work, too. We have/had a serious box elder bug problem but I gave Ezra a spray bottle of water and dawn dish soap and between the two of us we successfully killed most of them.

-We decided to lay off Ezra on the potty training. He needed a break and it was obvious. He seems a lot more relaxed and fun this week. We will try again the closer he is to 3 and will still encourage him to use the potty until then.

-We have a large array of leftovers to choose from in our refrigerator. I barely cooked this week. And desperately need to make a meal plan for next week.

Is it weird that I am only now feeling like it is finally summer?
 I think it might just be that we have been outside almost all week, but I feel like it is FINALLY summer!