Monday, July 1, 2013

My Monday:

I am going to keep this short and sweet. Today, was exhausting just being alive. 
Ezra has been wearing me out these days. But he sure is cute and a ton of fun.

My goal today was to potty train Ezra and to do laundry.
Neither happened for me.

I bribed Ezra with juice boxes. Thinking that he would drink them and need to go. Well, he drank them and pretended to need to go. He would sit and quickly pop up and say, "All done!" When he didn't even go.
By the time Marshall got home, I was ready for his help. Ezra was in underwear for the evening and he wet through 3 pairs before bedtime. Marshall was exhausted. 

I think tomorrow we will have to sit down and talk to Ezra about a potty training goal. Ha!

I did pick up some waterproof pants for him today. I had to keep from laughing at him. He LOVED wearing these and prefers to wear them without anything over them.

You should have seen the way he moved his little body in these. I was DYING!
They make a little crinkly sound and their stick out puffy like and he couldn't get enough of them.

We will try it all again tomorrow. Wish me luck.

We are really excited for our July 4th weekend. We plan on being outside in the sun! I hope you have fun plans!