Monday, July 22, 2013

My Monday

Eli was up far more than he probably should have been last night. I am pretty sure that Marshall and I switched off taking turns putting him back to sleep, but I don't quite remember. My memory is foggy from my nights. That happens quite often from not having a full nights rest in months.

I was up with Eli for the day around 5:30. I figured since I was awake I would start the day off right. You know... do some sit ups or something. I did some. And felt good about myself. When Ezra woke up we made a strawberry banana spinach (coconut milk and flax seed) smoothie-- still feeling good about  myself. I knew today would be a good day.

Ezra and Eli cuddled and wrestled and played on the floor for a majority of the morning. I didn't want to move from our tiny living room. I wanted to stay in my pajamas and watch the boys roll and squeal and play But the morning was moving quickly when I realized that I had an hour to get all three of us washed and dressed before my hair appointments showed up.

Ezra insisted on sharing his bath with Eli. I obliged. It's so much easier tossing them both in at once. I loved this. I am always surprised at how quickly I can get ready for the day-- I still managed to do the dishes and get the laundry started.

After my appointments.. I was tired.

I had a few things in mind that I needed to get done today. One of which was to clean Ezra's room and his floors. I asked if he wanted to move some things around and he agreed! I was excited to do this with him. I asked him where he wanted his bed and he thought for a moment before yelling, "there!" and pointing to the opposite corner. I moved his bed there. I asked where he would like his rocking chair and books. He guided me to the exact spot. He also asked me to move a couple things on the wall and I couldn't believe he knew where they should have been instead. He had a vision of how he wanted his room to look and it turned out great! I never would have thought to have moved his furniture where he wanted it. (photo coming soon) He was so excited about the change that he asked to sit in his bed for a while. I had to bribe him to come out and have lunch.

 Ezra wanted cantaloupe and a peanut butter and honey sandwich. He talked my ears off all throughout my lunch... and he also used his cantaloupe as his telephone. He made a few calls over lunch. His peanut butter smile reached from ear to ear and the cantaloupe juices ran off his elbows. He screamed at me that he was messy and Eli was screaming at me that he was wanting more veggies. I didn't lose it. I actually thought to myself in this noisy moment how I have grown so accustomed to the noisy demands. I remember being home with both the boys by myself the first couple times and thinking I was I would never keep up, how I would never be able to love them and give them all they need-- without completely losing my mind and patience- but now, I know I can.
I AM capable of doing just that and MORE! I calmly wet a paper towel and handed it to Ezra and asked him to clean himself up. He obeyed and watched as I wiped the smeared baby vegetables that were strewn about his baby brothers face. Painted in his eyebrows down to the tip of his nose- to his chin and on his chubby little hands. He had rubbed these veggies all over himself.

Ezra and Eli played again on the floor while I continued to clean up our mess before putting them both down for their naps.

Once they were down, I made a couple hair appointments and added them to my calendar and to my appointment book. I am so grateful to be so busy. I absolutely LOVE my clients and love what I do.

I took a nap and dreamed all kinds of weird dreams--and when I woke up, I was itching to get out for a bit. I packed up the boys, drove through the bank and made a return at Target. We walked around a bit and picked up 2 new books for Ezra and zit cream for myself. I need all the help I can get. Seriously, people.

We made it home in time to get dinner started. We had sesame and ginger meatballs, rice and LOTS of broccoli.

I have been wanting to open a Sams membership and Marshall and I finally did that tonight. I officially felt like a grown up. I felt like an adult! After getting married and having two children... this, of all things made me feel like an actual adult. I don't know if it was my sloppy photo on the impromptu printed membership card, or that I was pushing an oversized cart filled with furnace filters, ankle socks and diapers in bulk... but tonight it happened. I became a grown up.

I have a list of things in my head that I would like to accomplish this week and I hope that I can get things done! Feels good to check things off!

Have a great week!