Monday, July 29, 2013

My Monday

I slept maybe just a wink last night. Or so it felt.
I am so tired. And so tired of being tired.
I repeat over and over in my mind that this too shall pass.
And I know it will. I remember when Ezra turned a year old, it was like a switch turned off and he was suddenly sleeping the night. I am hoping that Eli's switch turns on sooner than later.

Anyways, our Monday went a little like this...

Ezra woke up smiley and wanted desperately to go to work with Marshall. He ran to the door with his blanket and slipped inside Marshall's big shoes. He really felt like he was going somewhere until he took a step in them and almost tripped over himself.

I was so happy that I had bathed both of the boys last night. My morning was a lot smoother because of it. I was able to clean up breakfast, dress the boys, start the laundry and put Eli down for a nap before I was able to get ready for the day.

I set some goals of some things that I would like to accomplish and felt successful in doing them.

I wanted to start hanging Ezra's clothes in his new organized closet. I started and ran out of hangers.. this kid has more clothes than I thought. I went through his beat up, old dresser and was able to organize through his socks, ties, underwear. This felt so good to do.

I folded so many loads of laundry today. I even taught Ezra how to fold a towel. He can now be my assistant in the salon. (He actually DID successfully fold a towel once. I was SO proud!)

Eli ate his hand... pretty much all day.... This is what he does these days..

Eli and Ezra played for most of the day, while I sat on and did laundry...(We are so boring)
Eli is getting stronger and stronger and can sit up for minutes on end (with a boppy pillow around him) I don't yet trust that he can do it on his own yet. At least, not with Ezra around. Ezra can be a little ruthless around Eli sometimes.

Earlier today as I was collecting laundry from our basket under the chute. I noticed a fowl and severely rancid smell coming from somewhere in our basement. I immediately called Marshall to tell him that I was pretty sure something had died and I was too scared to look around to find it. I didn't want a dead mouse to fall in my face or anything.
When Marshall got home, he grabbed a flashlight, a head flashlight, his shoes and Ezra went along with his shovel. Ezra was told he was going on a bear hunt. I was really worried that they would actually find something.
I lead the way as they followed behind me. I pointed to where the smell was coming from and noticed that the smell wasn't as strong... until.....

I walked toward my pile of laundry to wash and noticed that it was coming from the laundry pile. I held out Marshall's shorts that laid on top of a towel and was overwhelmed by the funk. I held his shorts up with two fingers and a crinkled nose asking him why they smelt SO bad. He agreed they were smelly and noticed quickly that he wasn't to blame, but the towel underneath it was...

(This is where you expect to be told that we found a dead rotting mouse in the towel.. I'm sorry.. but no)

On Saturday I had spilled Ezra's milk all over and used this towel to wipe up the mess. I threw the towel down the chute and over the weekend the milk spoiled and rotted itself into an oblivion. 
Ugh! Worst smell ever! I really just wanted to throw the towel away after all of this, but maybe I am being dramatic.

Anyways, we had family home evening, a little treat, stories and was able to get the boys down before 8pm. 

I am hoping for a good nights rest. 
I am so busy this week and my August calendar is already seeming a little overwhelming. 

But.. this too shall pass, right?