Monday, July 8, 2013

My Monday

I woke up this morning EXHAUSTED from our weekend. And also kind of dreading being at home with the boys without Marshall. Ezra was attached to Marshall the entire weekend and knew it would be hard on him with Marshall back at work.

I didn't want to step foot outside. I can't handle the heat so I was already planning on being inside all day long. I knew I would have to get creative with things to do with the boys.

Starting off by bathing both boys at once. Ezra loved this and wants to do everything with Eli anyways, so this worked out great. 

I pulled out our hidden box of toys (for Eli's age) Ezra loved playing with these because they are just different than what he is normally used to.

I tossed a grape in the air and caught it in my mouth. I tend to do things like this on occasion and forget that my toddler will probably choke himself for trying and had to tell him that that was a bad idea and he shouldn't try it. So instead we fed each other grapes.

And then, we tried balancing all sorts of toys on our heads.
I was so much better at this than Ezra was. ;)

Ezra is a phenomenal fake sleeper. (We let him think he is)
I pretend that I think he is sleeping and scoop him up and say, "oh... I wish Ezra was awake so we could play longer..." or " I was really hoping to eat lunch with Ezra...." and I get almost to his bed to put him in and his eyes shoot open and he says "I'm awake!" He gets me everytime :) 
So, this happened today.

Eli practiced sitting up today. He makes it 5 seconds on his own before arching his back and flopping backwards or curling forward. I am his biggest cheerleader. Did I mention that he is a rolling over machine now? He is! I can't leave him on his little mat anymore, he rolls to his belly and gets stuck there. He now is confined to his exersaucer or his bumbo.

 Ezra loved doing things to Eli... and then he realizes that Eli looks cooler than him and he's all like, "Hey! I want to wear those cool rings on my body."

I was dying by the time Marshall got home. I tried my hardest to keep these boys happy and busy all day. Ezra had about 5 timeouts for not listening. There were a couple times I thought I was going to lose my mind. I wanted to go into my room and shut the door and not come out.

After changing Ezra's diaper, and pulling up his pants-- you know that moment when both legs go in the same pant leg...? I was tempted to leave both his legs in one leg hole for the rest of the afternoon. (For some reason, this happened every time I put his shorts back on- and it annoyed me EVERY time. My patience was running very thin.

But after dinner and our short family home evening, I took two hair appointments. I swear I laughed straight for 2 hours and I felt like me again.

Sometimes, you just need to laugh!