Friday, August 9, 2013

Fun Facts Friday with a Flashback photo!

This week we have been potty training (again) and this time we have been SO successful! And when I say we, I mean Ezra and I am surviving!

Because of our constant runs to the potty,caring for Eli, working in the salon and in our home, I haven't picked up my camera since Monday. Posts just aren't as fun without a photo. So here is a flashback photo from 3 years back of Marshall and I. I was pregnant with Ezra and was just starting to tell people. I remember that time like it was yesterday.

Here are some fun facts:

-I think Dyson vacuums are overrated. I am a hoover girl and I have never loved a vacuum so much in my whole life. I feel so spoiled.

-We stayed in all week to practice using the potty- but did venture out to Sam's club with Ezra, Eli and Whitney for samples and pizza for lunch. Ezra stayed dry the whole time and used the potty twice while we were there. I was so proud! (So much easier with a friend to stay with Eli, I am not exactly sure how I will manage this with Eli in my arms)

-I love having pregnant friends. I tend to offer WAY too much unsolicited advice, but I can't help it!

- I love snuggling my boys when they are wrapped up in in their towel after their baths.

- Changing to an all black dress code for the salon has already made my life easier.

- After putting the boys to bed the other night I ran to the mall (alone) and walked around until they closed the gates. I loved it.

- I am always ridiculously proud of myself when I save money while shopping. I wish I couponed more.

- My mom got Ezra a read along book with a cd and he has been sitting in his room all afternoon listening to it, over and over and over.

- Fall is my favorite season. I am looking forward to the cool breeze, boots, sweaters, apple orchards and the colorful leaves.

-I love shopping online.

- The exterior of our house has been painted and looks fresh! New front door is next on our list!

- Next summer, I plan on biking a whole...lot! I also plan on updated my little vintage bike to something better. (Suggestions welcome (Rueben?) Looking for something cool, comfortable and something I can bike lots of miles with) Is that even possible?

-We have such a fun day planned tomorrow and we cannot wait! Posts and pics to come.