Friday, August 16, 2013

Fun Facts Friday --with photos from last weekend

This week was so ho hum compared to the anticipation and excitement that we were able to look forward to last week. All of last week we pumped Ezra up to see Thomas and our weekend away surely didn't disappoint.

We had an absolute blast. I don't think I have ever seen Ezra so excited and so smiley in his entire little life. Marshall and I were so happy to be able to experience his joy along side of him.

We drove to Duluth for the day. We stopped at Tobie's for caramel rolls and bathroom breaks. We all did surprisingly well. Only toward the end were both of the boys kind of losing it. We were all so happy when we arrived.
When Ezra first laid eyes on Thomas, he looked as though he couldn't believe what he was seeing. Like, his wildest dreams were coming true. It was so funny to witness.

We rode the train, took a long walk to lunch, a short lunch for a strawberry malt,  and another long walk through canal park before heading home.
 It was a great day away. 
I look forward to doing this again maybe next year. 

Before bombarding you with photos, here are a couple fun facts:

- I am not up to date with current events. I used to be- but not so much anymore.

- I have bruises on my knees and have no idea how I got them.

- I can't sleep if I notice that I should have shaved my legs. 

- We ate all of our fresh fruit at the beginning of the week and for the last few days I feel like we have eaten junk.

- Happiness is a choice. I choose to be happy. 

- When I first started to build up my clientele in the salon, I was also a bartender at night. 

- My very first apartment was on lake Minnetonka. 

-Marshall was my very first room mate and my favorite, I might add.

- If I recognize someone I know while I am out, I will always make it a point to chase after them and say hello. I am kind of a weirdo like that. But I love it when people do it to me,  too.

- Marshall says I am a great "spot" I had to spot him as he did pull ups.

We have a family date at home depot planned for tonight. I know,  I know, we party hard.

- Ezra only had a handful of accidents this week, we are still going strong with potty training.  He woke up in the night to go and kept his pants completely dry all night!! We were very proud about this. Next big thing,  Big boy bed!

LOVING this weather and looking forward to fall!

Enjoy our family photos from last weekends day out with Thomas.