Friday, August 2, 2013

Fun Facts Friday:

This week has worn me out and stretched me thin.
I ask myself daily what I was thinking when I agreed to do the things I do. 
But, in the end, it always works out and I am grateful for that.

Here are some fun facts.

-When Marshall and I first started dating, he took me out wearing this shirt (See above photo) Crocodile hunter....I never liked this shirt.And as shallow as this may sound, I literally thought to myself, I cannot date someone who wears crocodile hunter shirts. Thank heavens his personalty and charm trumps his fashion sense. Regardless, I thought we  I got rid of that shirt a long time ago... nope..

-If killing box elder bugs was a sport. I would be so good.

- I hate buying new trash cans, why do we always need a new trash can!

-Our beloved vacuum needs to be replaced. I called Marshall at work today and asked him to come home so we could buy a new one. 

- I maybe napped one afternoon all week. I feel rage in my blood without my afternoon nap. I am commending myself for not completely losing it.

-The exterior of our house has been repainted! It still isn't completely finished, I will post photos when it is good and done.

-Eli is sitting up and so proud of himself! Still a tad wobbly but he is strong!

-I love when old toys become new again!

-Ezra's haircut has really grown on me.

- I created a dress code for myself for the salon. All black. I don't know why it has taken me so long to go back to my "all black" roots. I am purging my closet of junky clothes and replenishing it with updated pieces. Marshall isn't as excited about this as I am.

- Do you think Eli looks like Me or Marshall? Or either of us? He is his completely own little person! I think he looks just like my mom-- totally hawaiian.

-Eli is THE Smiliest baby I have ever known. He thinks everyone is funny, especially Ezra.

- Ezra will sing to you on command. And he knows the scale, you know.. fa... so... And he can stay on pitch for the most part. Impressed?

-We are so happy about being able to get things done around here.. next= new front door, side door? new awning, paint deck and start to finish basement? We have our work cut out for us. Anyone is free to stop by and help ;)

We are excited the weekend is here! Have a good one!