Friday, August 23, 2013

Fun Facts Friday:

As a mother, there are many highs and naturally there are lows. It isn't easy being a stay at home mom. I love that I can be home and I can't imagine it any other way.
I thank Heavenly Father every day for my children but in the same breath I am pleading for patience, guidance and forgiveness.

Here are some fun facts and some happenings from the week.

-I called Marshall many times this week just to tell him I was losing it. 

- My jaw hurts front grinding my teeth. 

-Eli would only nap once a day all week and never when Ezra napped. 

-Marshall and I had a crunches contest. I win. I always win. I am helping him.

-I consider myself a good tipper. but I am a touch critic when it comes to customer service. I have been there and done that.

-Eli got his very first ear infection this week! :( Poor baby. But as soon as we gave him medicine, he was happy. He wasn't himself for days.

- Ezra got a new toy tractor this week. He loves it. I didn't realize how much noise it made until we got home. I do not love it.

- A lot of people love the Minnesota heat. I stay inside. 

- I will never get plastic surgery. I think I would look so dumb, besides, it's not my style. I am happy with my body.

- I have never had braces but always wanted them-- because all my friends had them growing up.

- As a hairstylist, I do feel like a therapist at times. Believe me when I say that I have heard it all.

- I want lasik, but I am too scared.

- I want to give away all of the boys clothes they have grown out of in hopes that our next child will be a girl. 

- I am SO excited for the State Fair- We always go on the last day.

- Marshall and I went over our schedule for September and I am already overwhelmed and looking forward to October.

- With that said, our basement project keeps getting pushed aside.

Happy(?) last few days of summer.