Monday, August 5, 2013

My Monday

Once again, I stumbled in front of a mirror and saw what was supposed to be my reflection. The face staring back at me was a little shinier than normal, her mascara was smeared under both of her glossy eyes, her hair was completely disheveled and piled on top of her head. Her shirt was white this morning and now, on each shoulder has mixed veggies on one, and bananas on the other and the neck was stretched out from being pulled on by little grasps. I stared at my reflection, the lady in the mirror and sighed....

Yesterday, Ezra came home from church telling us that he wanted to use the potty in nursery. But because he was wearing a diaper, he couldn't and because he told us weeks ago he didn't want to be potty trained, he couldn't. We talked to him about it again last night and he agreed to giving the potty training another go. So, this morning, we dressed him in his big boy underwear, set a timer and every 10 minutes he used the potty. He had ZERO accidents until Marshall came home. I was SO proud of him! BUT... running back and forth to the bathroom every 10 minutes really puts a damper on getting any thing accomplished throughout the day. Ezra was my first priority and Eli was a terribly close second. Thank heavens Eli is such an easy baby- otherwise today would have been even more exhausting than it was.

Lunch time came and went, and we were all more than ready for our naps. We were all out cold. In fact, I woke up before both of the boys and panicked a little thinking both of them must have stopped breathing or something. I laid there and just breathed deep, I knew in only a few minutes time the wild rumpus would start again. And it did. Eli stirred and grunted and that was my cue. I swiped him up and cuddle him close. I love having one on one time with him.

I looked around my house and noticed the toys strewn about and the mess from lunch still cluttering the counter, table and sink... I wanted nothing to do with it. Instead, I grabbed my backdrops that I had purchased months back and had an impromptu photo session with Eli before Ezra woke up.

It was so fun and doing this made me realize how grateful I am for light and wished that I had more windows in my home.

I was able to fold a large load of whites-- still not put away, But felt successful in accomplishing that.
I threw dinner in the crock pot around lunch time and was happy that there wasn't any more prep work for that either. I always pat myself on the back for being smart throughout the day. This was one of those moments. Otherwise, I am sure we would have had Peanut Butter sandwiches for dinner.

When we weren't working on using the potty, we practiced sharing with Eli. Anytime that I would put a toy in front of Eli, Ezra would run up and snatch it away. Eli was never upset by this, but I was. We had, yet, another lesson on sharing tonight. I am sure one day it will catch on.

The boys are both tucked in for bed and as I reflect back on my day,there were a couple moments while I sat on the side of the tub and gently talked to Ezra while he held himself on the toilet seat. I talked to him about all the things we had done today and what we were going to do this week. When he was done he would hop up proud with his pants still around his ankles and wrap his little arms around my neck, I, of course was like ...."uhh!! You aren't wearing any pants! Let's put your pants on!" But then, there was that time when he said... "I love my mommy..." and it made that awkward moment of him standing pant-less on his step stool squeezing my neck tight that made all those 10 minutes bathroom runs throughout the day worth it.

Being a mommy isn't easy. It is hard, it is stressful, but it is a blessing and so rewarding and someone has to do it. I am happy that it is me.