Monday, August 19, 2013

My Monday:

This weekend we all caught colds. 
Coughing, sneezing, runny noses and sore throats. We have been up all night with Eli, who can't breathe very well through his little nose and we are all exhausted. Regardless of how everyone is feeling, there sure were many smiles and fun times around our house today.

 We planned on staying in today. I don't/didn't want anyone else to catch our summer colds. 

Here are some things that happened today.

-Ezra woke me up this morning by running into my room exclaiming that the sun was up! What he didn't know was that I had already been up... 3 times before. hmph.

-Zucchini bread brought over by a friend last night was breakfast this morning.

- I was able to visit with a dear friend today, who always comes with gifts for the boys and homemade cookies. These truly are the best friends to have. 

-Ezra was able to watch a few old mickey mouse episodes.

-Ezra got a bug bite on his eye this weekend. His eye is still teary and swollen.

-No potty accidents! yahooo!!

- Boogers and drool smeared all over my shoulders.

-Lots of tears. None from me, no matter how much I may want to.

- Eli hasn't taken his morning nap since Friday. I am really hoping that it is because he is stuffed up and not because he thinks he no longer needs it.  

-Afternoon nap could have been better- Eli was brought back to bed with me. His sweaty little head soaked my arm.

-When Ezra woke up from his nap, he insisted that Eli lay next to him. Then, Ezra proceeded to jump (carefully) next to Eli. Eli loved it. And Ezra looks so silly in his crib still. Have I mentioned that a big boy bed is for his birthday coming up? This will be a big deal.

-It was 5pm when Ezra noticed that he was still wearing his pajama shorts. What tipped him off? He was pretending to be a (train) conductor and took my "ticket" and couldn't put it in his pocket. So we had to find him new pants with pockets. I love his imagination.

-I made Ezra's favorite dinner tonight. He gobbled it up.

-Ezra led our family home evening tonight- said prayers and picked out our treats. (Popsicles. Blue is his favorite.)

-The boys played soccer in the backyard- until Ezra was running so fast his little legs couldn't keep up. He took a spill. I scooped him up, cleaned him up and put a band aid on him. When asking him later on if he was happy, he said " no... I am sad" He was still pretty sad about his bloody knee.

We will work at recovering from our colds for the rest of the week before meeting up with our friends. I will try to get creative with things to do with Ezra this week.

Have a great week!