Tuesday, August 27, 2013

My Monday/Tuesday::

I can't believe that this week started without me. I am usually so good about remembering my days of the week and keeping up with my blog makes me accountable for that, but Monday happened and I totally forgot that it had happened.

Here are some fun things that happened:

-I had my dear friend, Krystle, who was in town visiting from AZ, chop my hair. It was the best decision that I have made in a long time. I hope she can come back when I need a trim ;)

- Ezra and I played with Jenga blocks. I tried to get him to make a real tower, but he would just knock it down. Besides, making a railroad track is way more exciting.

-Eli is feeling BETTER! So thankful for that. Not completely recovered, but we are almost there!

- We had Henry over to play! We get to have Henry every Monday for an hour or so after lunch from here on out and we are so excited. He was so sweet to Eli and I loved watching Ezra and Henry interact with each other. Besides the possession problems that Ezra sometimes struggles with, these boys played really well together. I plan on doing a craft or something fun every week he comes. (at least this is my goal- I hope I can pull it off) Even if I don't Ezra just loves to play with boys his age and I think it is healthy for him.

- We all took naps... at the same time!

- I was able to wash and fold AND put away a load of laundry! (This happened today as well, people!Yeehaw!)

-When Marshall came home we jumped in the car and ran to my parents house. My sister had a little going away party. She is leaving for France at the end of this week and we are going to miss her like crazy! She won't be home until Christmas. I told her that she has bring us Christmas gifts from France-- and that they better be good. :)

I am looking forward to finishing out the rest of this week so I can enjoy the long weekend with my boys. We are staying inside our nice cool home until it cools off out there. I am ready for fall already!