Friday, September 6, 2013

Fun Facts Friday:: photos from the Zoo!

Last Saturday we went to the Minnesota zoo. Despite the heat, we had the greatest time. Marshall made a mini itinerary for us and we were able to see the fish feeding, a bird show, the dinosaur exhibit and rode the tractor to the farm. This might have been Ezra's favorite. 

Here are some photos from our day there along with the usual random fun facts:

- The beginning of the week was awful for Eli during the night. He was up countless times and by Wednesday I had decided we were sleep training. He slept the nights Wednesday and Thursday (Went in only once both nights to adjust him- never picked him up/fed him)! Marshall calls this coincidence, I call it success!

- I taught Eli how to say Hello! It takes quite a bit of coaxing but he will do it! He is only 8 months, so I obviously think I have a genius child.

- I made a pinterest dessert this week and it was delicious. But I don't remember making any dinner.

-I LOVE oreos. And last week Marshall and I polished off a bag of not doublestufs but MEGAstufs. Yes. This really happened. We are fat. 

-Shoes hurt my feet. Sandals and boots are great, but when I think I can wear comfy and casual shoes-- they kill. I immediately take them off.

- Ezra hates when he has food on his hands- he can squash bugs with his bare fingers and dig in the dirt with his fingernails, but yogurt on his hands to him, is the WORST. I don't get it.

- Neither of my boys have ever had a meltdown in public (thank the high heavens) Only at home.

- If you were to stop by my house this exact second, you would find me in over sized shorts (men's, actually) and a men's t-shirt. I have a headache and I am in for the night- by myself with the boys. I look like a bum. (Marshall is golfing with his company for the day/evening)

-I never thought I would ever do what I did this week, but I did it. I threatened Ezra with Santa Clause. I told him that Santa clause only brings presents to good boys and girls for Christmas. He immediately changed his behavior. Ezra loves presents.

- If you ever come to our house for dinner, good luck leaving when you want to, we have a way of keeping guests here way later than they probably ever want to be. We just have way too many funny things to talk about (forgive us) But we sure have a good time!

- Marshall and I have had many discussions this week about our Mormon faith and beliefs. I love being able to share and discuss our love for our religion with each other. We share the same love for our Savior and for our faith.This is one of the main reasons I married him.

We don't have much planned this weekend, but I am happy that it is here.
We plan on going to a BBQ tomorrow and I plan on whipping this house into shape in the meantime. Marshall informed me this morning that basically every room in this house smells. (Awesome, right?) We are the people with the stinky house. 

Have a great weekend!