Friday, September 13, 2013

Fun Facts Friday:

I hate to admit that we have spent the last couple weeks indoors, but we have. I am thrilled that the weather is cooling off and I feel like I can step outdoors without feeling like I am going to melt. Even though we stayed in a majority of the week, we  always manage to stay very busy.

Here are a couple Fun Facts:

- Eli is 9 months old! He weighs 17 lbs and is just a little over 2 ft tall. He is still in the 10th percentile-- still little. Our doctor told us to feed him up to 4 packs of food at EACH feeding!! That is 12 packs of food a day! Not including nursing sessions and rice cereal. I have little babies, okay. I am doing the best that I can. ;)

- I eat a LOT. Whenever I eat with other people they always comment on how much I eat. I have a big appetite. And most often my eyes are bigger than my stomach.

- When teaching Ezra to brush his teeth a while back, I told him that if he didn't brush his teeth that his teeth would fall out. He, of course, remembered this. Every day when he wants to brush his teeth, he tells me that his teeth are falling out. My mom would say this to me when I grew up and it scared me, I suppose I should have thought that this would scare Ezra, too.

- Ezra says the most believable things. I mean, this morning he told me that Jesus hugged him and when I asked him when, he responded confidently, "When he told me he loved me" I don't just believe that Christ hugged Ezra and told him this, but I believe he has taken all of us on his knee and told us he loved us before we came to this Earth. Ezra just may happen to remember.

- Ezra always wants me to talk to him, but if I sing to him I know he is really listening to what I am saying. I am Mary Poppins over here, singing all of my sentences. Ezra is loving it!

- Sleep training is going well! Marshall can't sleep through Eli's crying like I can.

- I worked on cleaning our bedroom and putting all the laundry in it's proper place this week. I am still not finished. My goal is to go through all our stuff and donate what we don't use/think/wear/care about. I am going to move room to room within our house. The bathroom is next. I plan on this taking me a while.

 - Ezra noticed that I was finding money while cleaning this week and he could hear the change jingling in my (sweatpants) pockets. He kept asking and asking if he could have some money. I told him (yet, again) that we have to work for money and that we don't just get it because we ask for it. He loudly proclaimed, "Mommy! I want to work! I have to work!" I said, "Okay! Get your shoes on and go outside and put all the fallen branches and put them in a pile" he followed me to the door and out he went. But what happened next totally killed me. He grabbed our (borrowed) wheel barrow(plastic or rubber- super light, not heavy or dangerous) and was wheeling it around the backyard tossing branches and sticks into it! This boy knows how to work! I am happy that he has his father to be such a great example of a hard working man.

- Eli is jabbering a lot these days (just saying hello and stuff..;) and Ezra is always asking him what he is talking about.

-My house is usually atrocious until about 4pm and then I am running around like a mad woman cleaning it up before Marshall gets home from work.

- I want to start my Christmas shopping for my boys already. Somebody hold me back.

-I probably could have gotten a lot more down at home this week, but I chose to spend a lot of my time playing on the floor with the boys. I couldn't help myself.

Here is to the end of another week! Happy Weekend!