Friday, September 20, 2013

Fun Facts Friday:

I was able to spend time with friends this week that I haven't seen or spoke to in years! I was also able to have a family over for dinner who just moved to the area who I knew nothing about.
 Ezra was able to play with new friends and I can't help but feel so tremendously blessed for the feeling of love that surrounds me and my family. I am so grateful for the good people that I can call friends and future friends. Everyone needs good people in their lives and I swear I have the best people in mine.

Here are a couple fun facts:

- My patience has truly been tested this week. Ezra will NOT listen to me. Granted, he is nearly 3, but WHY won't he listen to me? I sometimes feel like I am going to snap. I try my hardest to calmly, but firmly reprimand him and consistently do time outs- he says he is sorry but he does it again... 

-Eli, on the other hand is the sweetest and happiest and easiest baby ever. Besides him spitting up on me once in a while. He is the best little baby I could ask for. I just feel bad that he has to put up with his big brother.

- Even though Ezra has a hard time listening to me-- he is really sweet to his friends and I am happy other children like to play with him (and his toys)

- After looking at our calendar- We have no open Saturdays until January of 2014. I have no idea how that happened. We are busy until November and with Marshall's swimming schedule starting--- our lives are over. Just kidding. But really... the Holidays happen and then the year is over. I can;t get a grip on how quickly the time flies.

- Eli isn't crawling but he doesn't have a problem getting around or getting to what he wants.

- I don't know what I would do or feed my family without my crock pot. This week we had the most delicious dinners we have had in months made all day in the crock pot!

- I barely ever re-read my blog posts before publishing them. There are countless errors and typos and I will go back and fix them when I have time.

- I meet people who are regular followers of my blog and worry that they like me better online than in "real life" but I swear that I am the exact same. I try to keep this blog as real as you can get.

- We visited Marshall at work this week and I couldn't get over how quiet it was! I used to work at a salon that pumped rave music out all day long as we practically yelled over our blow dryers! I can't imagine working in a place that didn't make sound.

- I stand strong in my beliefs of The family- a proclamation to the world. My family has been richly blessed because of our beliefs in this.

-I recently deleted my CNN app on my phone- the news is too depressing and scary. I can't handle it.

- Birthday season is coming up in our house. I hope Marshall is ready! ;) 

-I won't wear clothing with any type of company logo on them. I am not a billboard for your business-- unless I want to be, and then I will be.

- I have no shame for my love of fast food. I love fast food, okay! You will never hear me complain about my fast food...ever. I am smiling as I write this, because of the joy that fast food brings to my life. 

Marshall and I have a fun date planned for tonight with another couple. We are really looking forward to it. 

Have a great weekend!