Monday, September 2, 2013

My Monday: State Fair 2013 Edition

Our Monday probably started before you were even awake. Ezra couldn't sleep past 6 a.m. He was too excited. When Ezra is awake, we are all awake. Eli woke up shortly after. We all ran around the house getting ready for our day at the fair. I packed extra everything, snacks, shoes, camera, you name it. We had an grandparents to meet and an 8a.m. shuttle to catch.

I love the State Fair, there is something about it that makes me giddy. The smells, the sounds the chaos... I am not sure, but it gets me every year.

Before bombarding you with photos (from our phones and camera) from our day at the fair, here are a couple highlights from our day.

-Eli slept the night!

-We are so glad that we grabbed hoodies on the way out of the house. It was overcast until the afternoon and it was chilly in the morning! It was actually so cold that my hands cramped up from pushing the stroller around. I was trying hard not to complain because I really loved the cool weather, just wished I wore more clothes and most importantly, wished I had dressed my boys warmer.

-We take the shuttle into the fair. We love it!

- The young marines in training (and all of us) convinced Marshall to do pull ups for a prize. He did 10! Pretty good! He said he only did it because there wasn't anyone around. I was surprised he actually did it.

- The first thing we did when we got into the fair was watch Ezra go from tractor to tractor to tractor... he was in tractor heaven.

- I had a breakfast pronto pup. My new favorite fair food. Definitely getting that again.

- Ezra and Marshall rode rides and went down the giant slide and went on a ride all by himself.
We were so proud of him. He was so cute.

-Ezra didn't have a single accident! yahoo!

-We saw lots of friends! Thanks for stopping and saying hi! SO fun to see you!

-We went to the butterfly exhibit- I loved it, Ezra wasn't a fan. I thought for sure he would have loved it.

- We saw Jackie (the horse) again this year. We visit her every year and Ezra wasn't as scared of her this year. He even sat on her (for a second)

- Eli was really perfect.He slept when he needed to and ate when he needed to, even when I nursed him outside the DNR building while people gawked. (Yes. I was covered. People just gawk at women when they nurse-- it's so annoying)
 But then Eli puked on me and in my hair. I was getting whiffs of puke throughout the day. It was gross.

-We didn't eat half as much as we wanted to, in fact, we came home wishing we ate more. I feel like we have done this every year. We need a serious plan of action for next year.

- It was SO great to have my in laws at the fair with us today, they were such good sports as we walked around. They are great to have around with the boys, I felt like my load was lifted having them there, I was able to relax so much more.

-Ezra crashed just minutes before walking in the door and he was out COLD. He didn't move the entire time he was in his bed (I know, because I watched him on our monitor) We all took naps, too.

-We had leftovers for dinner (my favorite) and did a couple chores inside and out before bathing the boys and putting them down to bed.

 I have a sink full of dishes and chair with a basket full of laundry that needs to be put away. I just keep telling myself that if I was to do them- there would be nothing for me to do tomorrow ;)

Have a great week! Enjoy the weather!

Happy September!