Monday, September 9, 2013

My Monday:

Last night I envisioned myself sleeping in this morning. I thought that I would wake up completely energized and ready for the week. I knew that I didn't have anywhere that I needed to be until later in the morning. I thought that I would take my time to get the boys ready, myself ready and even clean up my house a bit before leaving. None of this happened. I should have known.
Eli woke up WAY earlier than he has all week, and so did Ezra. I kept watching the clock and the time was passing way faster than I thought it would. Before I knew it I had 45 minutes to get ready and packed to go.
We (myself and the girls from the salon that I used to work with) had a baby shower for my good friend, Cj. She is in the homestretch of her pregnancy. She is pregnant with twins! A boy and a girl! Such a miracle and I am SO happy for her. She will be the most wonderful and beautiful mother. It is so exciting.

- We were able to eat and visit and celebrate her and her babes. It is so fun to spoil a new mother.

Here are a couple other things that happened today-
-I had to leave the baby shower earlier than I wanted to make it home in time for Henry. Both of the boys crashed in the car- I was even able to transfer them into the house and Ezra into his bed without waking. I left Eli in his car seat but they both slept for almost the entire time that Henry was over to play.

-Henry kept saying, "Eli is Soooo cute!" and would squeeze his check in between his chubby palms. I was dying laughing, it is obvious that someone does this to him or to someone around him. Henry was soooo cute. And Eli loved it.

-Henry and I played together by ourselves for a good hour before Ezra and Eli woke up. 
We played with play doh, a matching game and then I let him make a disaster of my home. It was actually very entertaining to watch. It took him no time at all to pull almost all of our toys off the shelves. For some reason it is a lot cuter to watch someone elses kid do this to your home than your own.
We are used to the toy mess around these parts- it tends to take over.Thank goodness I have a pretty good system on putting toys away now.

-After Henry left, I was dying for a nap. Even if it was to just shut my eyes for a small moment. I thought my idea was brilliant, but I quickly felt guilty and ended it.
I set up my computer in my bed and laid next to Ezra while he watched a show. I put Eli in his crib hoping I could trick him into napping. That was a fail. So I brought him into bed with Ezra and I. I didn't want Eli watching the screen so I scooped them both out and made dinner early.

-I picked up my real camera a couple times today, but preferred the convenience of the camera on my phone. 

-Immediately after Marshall walked in the door, I laid horizontal on the sofa and napped for a good 7 minutes or so. I woke up and ran to get gas and ice cream. You know? The necessities.

-We had family home evening and washed the boys and put them down for bed.

I am having a hard time seeing past today-- I feel like this month is already getting away from me!

Happy Monday.