Monday, September 16, 2013

My Monday!

"I wanna sleep in mommy and daddy's bed".. Ezra's quiet and raspy morning voice was heard from our beds. Marshall and my eyes sprang open and we looked at each other. We heard Ezra's sweet request again. Marshall slowly got out of bed and went into Ezra's room and asked him why he wanted to sleep in our bed. "Cause I'm all wet..."  Ezra is usually really good (almost too good) about calling out for us in the night to tell us that he has to go potty and he slept the whole night without doing so. He had an accident. Marshall cleaned him up and brought him into bed with us. We told him he needed to lay down and shut his eyes. He didn't even try. He tossed and turned. He put his finger up my nose and even tried to tug on my eyelashes. I just wanted a couple more minutes of sleep before Eli woke up. Eli woke up just seconds after this thought ran through my head. I grabbed him and brought him back to bed with us. All four of us snuggled together until Marshall got up to get ready for work. The clock read 6:52. I laid there talking to Ezra about our Monday plans and it occurred to me that we had a contractor coming over at 7 am to look at our front door to give us an estimate on doing an installation of a new door. I panicked and yelled for Marshall. This was after I was like, "OHHH!!! NOOO!!!" I opened the drapes in the midst of my freak out and noticed a pretty gray pickup with our contractors name printed on the side-- and he wasn't in it-- which meant he was making his way to our front door. I was still in my sweats and night shirt. I hurried Ezra out of the room and laid Eli on the bed. I grabbed my jeans and t-shirt from the end of the bed and threw them on I checked myself in the mirror quickly and realized it didn't matter. I looked terrible. It would be obvious to him that I just rolled out of bed anyway. I greeted him at the door and stood in the shadow at the entryway, praying that my zit cream that I slathered my face with the night before had rubbed off in my sleep. I didn't want to be talking to him, but I had to. Marshall was still in the shower. I was glad when he had left-- but still waiting on our estimate! I am excited about our new door!

After breakfast and after Marshall left for work I had to get the boys situated. I had a 9 am hair appointment and afterwards we were meeting my mom to do a little shopping.
After our shopping trip we headed over to my mom's house for a quick lunch. Ezra really wanted to see Rocky, my parent's dog.
I watched the clock close because I knew we would be cutting close. Henry would be at our house at 1:30.
Ezra was so excited to play with Henry and it was a beautiful afternoon. We played outside while Eli napped. Eli napped the best he had ever napped.

I even set Henry and Ezra up with a fun little activity (thank you pinterest) The boys loved it!

Once Henry left, Ezra napped- I had to do some convincing to get him to shut his eyes... but he finally did. And for about 10 minutes the house was quiet and there was a moment where I could sit on the couch and just THINK! Of course I wanted to shut my eyes, but my mind was racing. I had emails to respond to for my church responsibilities and calls to return for hair appointments. I knew I wasn't going to be able to sleep so I used the free time I had to take care of business.
Eli woke up and I nursed him. I cherish my nursing dates with Eli because I know in a few months time I won't have these little moments with him any longer.

I made dinner for one of my friends who had a bad accident a couple weeks ago and I insisted bringing something over to her after having her on my mind all weekend. Delicious corn bread and wild rice soup.

When Marshall got home from work we ate our dinner quickly and raced over to deliver theirs.

They don't live far from one of our favorite little parks so we made a little night of it. We walked around and "explored." Ezra kept asking where the slides were and we had to remind him that this was a different kind of park.

It was a gorgeous night and a wonderful day. But looking back on it, it was crazy! I am happy we all survived!

I am really excited for this week! We have a lot of fun things planned and I can't wait to write about it on Friday!

Have a great week!