Monday, September 23, 2013

My Monday:

My Monday started promptly at 7:00 am.- As most days do. I almost try not to move from my pillow until 7 am- even if Eli is screaming for me. I just wait and hope that Marshall will hear him as he is getting ready and will save him.
Marshall has been trying to get out of the house earlier so he can be home earlier. It is really nice for him to be home by 5. We love it.
We said our goodbyes to Marshall- walked him to the door. Kissed him goodbye and waved from the window.
As soon as we could no longer see his car- I forced Ezra to eat his breakfast. After he clocked me in the chin- I gave him no choice but to eat his breakfast and he didn't get a choice as to what he wanted to eat. I gave him what we had and he ate it.
After breakfast, I put his audio book on repeat and set him up in his room so I could get ready for the day. Eli sat perfectly near by.

 I was surprised how well Ezra did with his books this morning. I continued to read the boys books as Ezra brought them to me.

I had a hair appointment this morning- She brought her daughter over and she played with Ezra. He loves his impromptu play dates- she may or may not have forced him to watch 'My little Pony'

Afterwards, I packed the boys up and we ran a few errands. It was obvious that Ezra was happy to be out of the house. He said "Hello" to anyone that looked at him and went a little further by asking their names.

We raced home for our afternoon play date with Henry. It was such a beautiful day I knew the boys needed to be outdoors. We played outside for a little while and then I brought the boys in for a snack and craft.

I thought we would make foam and play with it. The was a pinterest find. All I can say about this is whoever's idea this was is a big FAT LIAR! This was supposed to be an easy, mess free fun activity.

The boys were SO messy and weren't diggin' it at all! I couldn't help but laugh. We had more fun vacuuming them up. They screamed and squealed as I sucked all the cornstarch and shaving cream off of their little bodies. The boys played fairly well today. Only 1 bonking head incident and only 1 timeout. Besides this, I loved watching them play together!

After Henry left- I put both boys down for their naps. I laid down, too. I actually didn't think I would be able to rest- my mind was still racing and my heart was still pounding from my busy morning. But I passed out. Eli's cries woke me up as they usually do and right on time. I had to nurse him before my afternoon hair appointment arrived.

Afterwards, Marshall got home (thank heavens) and we went grocery shopping. We normally always do our grocery runs on Saturdays- but our weekend was crazy and didn't make it. I made a menu for the week and we filled our cabinets back up.

We had a lousy dinner and bribed Ezra with cantaloupe to eat most of it.

 We had a quick Family Home Evening on the sacrament-- that is never easy to pull together. Ezra body slammed Eli into the couch pillows. It took him a moment to settle enough to participate.
I made cookies (from our tub of cookie dough-don't know what I would do without it) for our treat.

 We tag team bathed the boys. Read stories and put them down. Our night time routine has been the same forever. Ezra knows it and will remind us of what happens next.

I couldn't slip into my pajamas fast enough. I am exhausted.

I am looking forward to this week. We have plans to go to the Apple orchard with friends on Friday and Marshall and I are going on a paddle boat ride on Saturday with friends! We are really excited!
Where has September gone!?

Have a great week!