Monday, September 30, 2013

My Monday:

We had one of the busiest weekends we have had in a long time. But it was FUN! I feel like I am still catching my breath from all the running around.

On Friday, we met some friends at the apple orchard and had them over for pizza after. I am pretty sure that Ezra is in love.

On Saturday, I worked a wedding in Minnetonka. I raced home afterward to meet friends, Graham and Sarah, in St.Paul as we rode the padelford boat and had a fall excursion tour.It was awesome.

 Afterward, we went to a wonderfully authentic mexican restaurant and had the best taco salad ever, and then after that, we raced home to make it back in time for my General Relief Society broadcast at my church. I brought my lovely mom along (who had watched the boys all day long so Marshall and I could get away. She is a saint and I love her) and was so happy we made it (a little late, but still) I left feeling very uplifted and ready to do good. Sunday we went to church as usual, came home and napped. ALL of us at the same time! And went to Marshall's parents for dinner. I didn't want to think about starting another week over.

This morning started as most do. Eli slept the night again. He has been on an awesome night sleeping streak lately. We have been feeding him more as directed and he seems to be happier longer! yahoo!

Ezra successfully had 2 timeouts before 9 am. One for pulling the whole basket of wooden blocks onto Eli while he played directly under them. Afterwards, Ezra was running through the living room and step directly onto one of the blocks and was limping around asking me to kiss it. I couldn't help but think, "that's what you get" but I kissed it anyways.

My dear friend, Erin brought her little girl Rachel over and a sitter(bless her heart) so I could do her hair. It turned out beautifully but it was nice for Ezra to get to play with her for a little while this morning.

After they all left, we had lunch before Henry came over. I was a little worried that Ezra would be a rascal with Henry since his morning was a little wild and unruly. There were only a few moments where I had to break them up or protect one from the other. But I figure that is supposed to happen with two little boys just under 3. There were many fun happy moments. Like, when they swung from the branches and pretended to be little tarzans. Or when they were "brushing" each other with the "tickly" leaves. Or when we made a pillow landing pad with all the pillows from the couch and jumped on the count of 3. Ezra and Henry were both sweaty little men by the time Henry left.

It took me a while to get Ezra to settle down for his nap- but then I had to wait a long while for him to wake up. He was whupped.

My craving for KFC took a turn around 4:30pm and I googled the closest location from our house. I even thought of a plan for the rest of the night to make this work. Marshall-home. Pack up kids- groceries- KFC- Home- Family home evening- BED- Marshall and I snuggle- Once upon at time on hulu. This was my perfect plan.

My plan happened.(except for Family home evening(because it was too late) -- but it was past 7 before we sat down and had dinner and the KFC did a number on all of our tummies. We should have known...

Anyways- We are looking forward to the rest of the week. It shouldn't be half as crazy as last week and we are really looking forward to General Conference this weekend.