Monday, October 28, 2013

Ezra is 3 years old.

Three years ago, on the windiest day I ever knew, my heart was reset. Like nothing in my life that I ever did or ever worked for ever mattered. A five pound bundled baby was dropped into my arms and he was now all that mattered and everything that I would ever do, would be for him (and future siblings.)
From that day forward I dedicated my days to the needs of him and my plans for anything were set around his upbringing. 

Ezra is the life of our lives. He says things that stop us in our tracks and make us cover our faces as we laugh hysterically behind our hands. When he thinks we are sad, he sincerely asks, and then offers to sing a song to make us happy. He enjoys jumping out and yelling "BOO" and reminds us how he scared us. He fixes anything that he feels needs "fixing" and he can turn into the worlds most talented musician at a drop of a hat. He is a master at air guitar, drums and vocals. And with a single and simple baseball hat he becomes a conductor, a fireman, a pizza man, a robot, a chef and a boy. He is the sneakiest spot thief at the table and the most incredible voice imitator. 

His most admirable traits that he has developed in the 3 years of his life are more than I have developed in my 28. I learn more from him than I have learned from anyone in my life- he has been such a sweet example to me.

He is friendly to every one he meets and instantly considers them friends. He is polite and assertive (when he wants to be-- which is more often than not.) He is determined and persistent in any task he brings upon himself or asked of him. He is helpful and hardworking and enjoys working right beside us in anything we do. From washing the windows, making breakfast or building a bed. His imagination takes him places we had never even spoke of, like train stations,underwater or outer space. He is smart and verbose with what he knows and continues to learn. 

Our home is filled with a joy that we never knew could exist before he came into our lives and we thank our Heavenly Father daily for blessing us with such a wonderfully spirited little boy.

Ezra, we LOVE you and are so proud to be your parents. Thank you for the best 3 years- and many more to come. We look forward to watch you grow, learn and love the life before you.