Friday, October 11, 2013

Fun Facts Friday::

This week was beautiful!!! 
I am so happy the weather has been so nice for us to get out and enjoy the fresh air. We took advantage of it and went to the Nature Center with our friends.
Here are some photos from our day out and some fun facts.

-I feel like it is harder and harder to get a photo in focus these days. Ezra won't stop moving!

- We visited my grandparents at their home yesterday- (Ezra's great grandma and grandpa)

-Ezra can pull his pants down all by himself when he goes to the potty and has even been running in when he needs to go without us ever saying anything. I also love it when he asks for "piracy" (privacy)
He is growing up before my eyes!

-I appreciate when people appreciate stay at home mothers and commend them for their work in the home. It is no easy task. 

-Ezra's bed was delivered yesterday and I am dying to put it up! I am so excited for him!

- I think it is super trendy to dress your babies and toddler in stylish duds-- it's adorable and all- but I can't justify spending the money on things that are going to get ruined or grown out of too fast. Besides, we are all about the accessibility and comfort for these boys. Sweatpants have become the staple around here and that is okay with me!

- I love the law of tithing. Some may think it is crazy to give 10% of your earnings to the church, but I consider it one of the commandments that I can do perfectly. It is the only commandment which I can do without fault. (if, of course, I do my math right) My family has been tremendously blessed for paying our tithing and in the end, it is the Lord's money anyways.

-Eli's personally is shining through thick the last couple days. I cannot wait until he gets a little voice and is able to communicate with us.

- When Marshall tried to mow the lawn this week, he made maybe 2 paths before the mower died. He took it all apart and tried to fix it but couldn't. Looks like we will be needing to purchase a new mower.

- Lately, my dreams have been crazzzzy!!

- While nursing Eli yesterday, I watched Ezra throw all of the pillows from the couch onto the floor, stacking them high and into something, he ran from his pile of piles to grab his cup of water and dump it over them saying, "Look! a water fall, a water fall!" In that moment, I got up as fast as I could to save my couch cushions (thank goodness it was just water) but in all honesty, I was really proud of Ezra. I like that he is using his brain and creating an environment around him- he made the pillows into rocks and cliffs and knew how to make a water fall! I thought that was ingenious. (Maybe I am just a crazy mom)

- I go back and forth with the idea of homeschooling my children, this week it was on again. 
I really feel like it is MY responsibility to teach my children.

- Soggy cereal grosses me out. And every morning I eat soggy cereal because I am the last one to sit down and eat.

-While walking on the bridges through the nature center, my heart wouldn't stop pounding. I thought for SURE that Ezra was going to fall in. I was happy Michelle was with me, she assured me that she knew how to swim in case anyone fell in. I really hate water.

Marshall and I are excited to spend the evening at the temple with our friends and for another busy weekend.

Have a good one!