Friday, October 25, 2013

Fun Facts Friday!

Today- I turn 28.

In the past 28 years I have been tremendously blessed with experiences and relationships that have made me into the woman that I am today. I have thought about the last years and my heart is filled with gratitude for everything and everyone that has shaped me into a daughter, a sister, a lady, a friend, a wife and a mother. I don't know where I would be today without the perspective that I have on life and life eternal and without the knowledge that God and my Savior love me and have plans for me. I, of course can't walk this life alone- I can't imagine not having my husband of (5 years next week) and my two beautiful boys. I am looking forward to my years ahead with my husband, with my children and with the friends I have now and will come to have.

Here are a couple fun facts today.

- As a mother,This has been the hardest week for me. I can't tell you how many times that I have put Ezra in a time out, or put him back in his bed for a nap, minutes I slept, tears (Ezra's or Eli's) that have been shed, hands that have been held or prayers that have been prayed to get through this week.

-With that being said- There weren't many any photos taken after Monday.

- I am starting to forget what fun facts I have shared before and feel like I am repeating. Oh well.

- A Salted caramel hot chocolate from Starbucks is my most favorite thing in the world- and last year I would justify getting them because I was pregnant- this year I can't justify spending the money or consuming the empty calories except for the fact that I just LOVE them.

-I stare at all the people outside my window and I make up lives for them. I imagine where they are walking, why they need to get out of the house and what they are saying to their dogs or walking partners. I swear I am not nuts-- I am creative ;)

- I probably should have kept Ezra in his crib a little longer. This big boy bed idea has back fired. (Not to self-- keep child in crib as LONG as they don't climb out.)

-BUT. I think I may have to come to terms with the fact that Ezra MAY no longer need naps anymore.--- But I really think he is happier with one.

- I started putting anything that Ezra would use aggressively to hurt Eli on top of the fridge this week. There are a pile of toys on top of my fridge and NO more toys on the toy shelf. He will have to earn them back. I have had it. I am not messing around anymore.

- The automatic sliding doors to my van broke this week (not my fault-- Ezra's)  I never realized how reliant I was on those until they were broken. I will pay to have them fixed. It is necessary with hands filled with kids and cold weather. I was spoiled.

- Eli is CRAWLING!!! And he goes straight into the bathroom every chance he gets.
He also ate a leaf this week- swallowed it before Marshall and I could fish it out.

- I learned this week what a fox says. I never knew this was so funny and random until today.

- I need my socks on to fall asleep the last few nights.

- I was really hoping I could get away with not needing to buy another bra until I was done nursing, but I told Marshall that I wanted a new nursing bra for my birthday. (I dare him to pick one out for me. LOL. He would never.)

- I want new eyeglasses. I always want new glasses. It's a thing. I love to wear my glasses and they haven't been replaced since Ezra broke them last year.

- I love an excuse to wear fake eyelashes! Hello Halloween weekend!

- This week we learned about jugglers and saw a juggler at the library. The boys equally loved this.  He was a little (a lot) sweaty and maybe a little nervous- but he put on a great show for the kiddos. We can't get enough of the library.

- When I dance- I am never serious. I am kidding. Please never assume that I am serious. I don't have moves and I won't dance in public IF I do,I only do it to be funny. BuT! Marshall and I slow danced last weekend-- hadn't slow danced in long time.

- I love to giving people entirely new looks. I enjoy it way too much.

- I need a vacation- But I just want to stay home and clean and organize my house- so more like a staycation? I would love it I could have the house to myself for the weekend or something.

-Ezra turns 3 on Monday!! 3!!!! I can't even tell you how weird this feels.

I am so excited to be celebrating all weekend long! Lots of yummy food, fun with friends and birthday treats!

Have a great weekend!