Tuesday, October 8, 2013

My Monday!

Eli was awake before 7 and I could hear Marshall shaving.I put Eli in his exersaucer outside of the bathroom and went back to sleep. I think he cried for a while before Marshall opened the door. I was too tired to really know. I just knew that Marshall could entertain for a bit longer so I could get just a couple more minutes of rest. I was desperate. Ezra ran in and woke me up before Marshall left for work. I woke up so fast mu eyeball was still squished in my head. I am not kidding. I literally couldn't see anything out of my right eye and it totally freaked me out. I had to jiggle my eye around to get it back to normal. My panic quickly subsided after what seemed like a long moment.  I knew I looked like a hot mess and I am normally not (that) embarrassed in the morning of how I look, but for some reason I knew I looked like a hot mess. I hadn't showered since Saturday and I knew I needed one. I just wanted Marshall to leave so I could get on with the day and showering was the first thing on my list. Well, After playing with the boys, of course.

We played all morning- or at least until Gramma came.

My mom was able to help me run some errands. All errands that needed to be done without two children pulling things off the shelves, causing a scene or slowing me down.And to keep Ezra happy, we stopped at the mall and rode the merry go round.

 I was so grateful to get them all done before grabbing lunch and making it home on time for our play date with Henry!

We absolutely love when Henry comes to play. Today, I blew bubbles and they tried to catch them. The boys played soccer, drove their cars around, drew on the chalkboard, built forts, jumped on pillows and each other and they were only pests to each other a handful of times. But I know that they adore each other and look forward to playing again next week.

After Henry left, I put both of the boys down and considered napping. For a second. As much as I wanted to just lay down and rest my eyes, I couldn't. My mind was racing. I had more to do. I was able to order Ezra's big boy bed and respond to emails and other messages. Before I knew it Eli was awake. 

I nursed him, cuddled him and made some brownies for our dessert.

We were so excited to have friends over for Family Home Evening. We love being able to share what we love and live so much with families that we love.

Marshall delivered the sweetest lesson on Heavenly Father's plan for us. Ezra and Kennedy brought the softest Spirit with their youthful energy and spunk. 
I watched both of their faces light up to the song "I am a Child of God" almost like, "Duh! We already know that!" I love children and the way they communicate without using any words at all.

When it was time for our friends to leave, Ezra was sweaty and ready to rest. Eli was already down and Marshall was unwinding from his fun game of Ping Pong with Scotty. I missed Amanda and really wished we could have stayed and talked longer. 
I made sure to make plans with them again soon so we could spend more time with their adorable family.

I have been loving this beautiful October weather!
Happy belated Monday post!