Monday, October 14, 2013

My Monday!

It was 7:45 when I woke up. I had an hour and 15 minutes to get showered, dressed, fed and ready for the day. I also needed to feed and dress the boys, fold and put away the salon towels and get the boys settled and content.

Instead, I showered in 3 minutes, fed Eli while I put my makeup on and cleaned up the toilet and Ezra after an accident. A messy accident which included him in the shower for a rinse down.

And while I am running about with a spoon of baby food in my right hand and my mascara wand with my left, poopy underware on the bathroom counter and Ezra's toast on the floor-- I hear Ezra say to me in the most playful voice he knows, "Mommy! Let's play a game! You be Cap and I'll be Hook!" Then he ran to the closet door and put a hanger on the knob and yelled to me that he was driving the ship. 

I loved that he was able to help me slow down and remind me that I am a mom first and everything else can wait. I needed that reminder this morning.

Our Monday wasn't a very exciting one. Henry didn't come to play today, and we missed him.

We ran to the grocery store before lunch and I had to bribe Ezra with gummy bears to remain seated in the car cart the entire trip. He wanted to get out and "run around" (He told me this.)

Ezra put almost all of the groceries away- or at least tried. He basically just tried to put everything into the refrigerator.

We came home and made (my favorite) Macaroni and cheese and hot dogs. Eli is starting to feed himself. Today, he tried a few crackers, bread, yogurt and plain pasta noodles along with his regular baby food. I can't believe he is already 10 months old and doing this.

We played for a little bit. I taught Ezra the song, "Smiles" a good primary one for when children are grumpy. He loves it now and can sing along with me. We then colored pictures of happy faces and frowny faces.

After all of this, I laid the boys down for a nap.
 Eli cried for about 20 minutes before passing out, but then woke up after a half an hour. I picked him up and brought him back to where I was resting. We napped together for another half hour or so. I love snuggling him to sleep.

I was able to fold and put away a load of laundry= Success!!
I even kept my house clean, sink free of dishes and put all my clothes that were tossed at the end of my bed back on their hangers and in the closet.

I had a friend come for a cut after she got off work, which I finished before Marshall got home. 

We ate quickly and were out the door. We needed to run to Home Depot for a new lawn mower and ogled over the Christmas display.We also stopped by Sams club to stock up on diapers and other things.

Eli had glazed eyes the entire time we were out and I just wanted to get home and put him down. It was obvious he wanted the same thing. He never cries when he is tired, but you can see it in his face.

When we got home we quickly got settled and the boys down. 
Marshall and I popped a bag of popcorn and caught up on Once upon a Time.

Another busy week at the Abrahamson household!

Have a great week.