Monday, October 28, 2013

My Monday:

Almost immediately after waking up- everyone ended up in the bathroom at the same time, is this a boy thing?

This Monday was a dream compared to last. Seriously, thank heavens for that. I made a personal goal this morning to "be cool" and to pick my battles. I am just so tired of losing my mind and grinding my teeth. I did my best to keep cool and calm.

Since it was Ezra's birthday today and we didn't throw him a party, I basically used all my energy to use our imaginations and do all sorts of fun things together. And we did pretty much anything he wanted to.

Here are a couple things that we did today.

-We changed the batteries to our little piano. This is always such a happy affair. Ezra and Eli were both happy about this.

- We played the ridiculous music from the piano and danced our brains out and then I would yell, "FREEZE" and he would freeze where he stood. This was fun!

-After our run to the grocery store, where we picked up a cookie immediately upon entering... 
we pretended to be horses. Ezra wanted Eli to ride on his back, but instead I convinced him to tie bear to his back.

-And then Ezra insisted that Eli should be a horse, too. So we tied a cow on his back...

-Then we played duck, duck, gray duck. The three of us. 
I get totally winded from this game-- and dizzy running after Ezra.

-Then Henry came over! He is so sweet to remember Ezra's Birthday and got him the coolest game! Ezra loved it.

-The boys wore my aprons and helped me bake Ezra's cake for tonight. I let them pour the ingredients in the bowl and they took turns holding the mixer with me.

-We sang to Ezra and had birthday Ding Dongs.

-Ezra napped!!!! Hallelujah- Ezra Napped!! Which meant I napped, too.

-When Marshall got home the boys played Ezra's new game while I made Ezra's request for dinner. Tacos!

- Then we sang to him again!

-And then he opened gifts. We had already given him his big boy bed, but tonight he opened some new underwear and my parents got him this awesome truck!

Ezra went to bed tonight so happy from his special day and I am glad that I was able to be at home with him and that I was able to keep "cool"

The weekend was awesome and almost a little overwhelming- this was the perfect way to move forward from the crazy days before.

Another week ahead of us! Have a good one!