Friday, November 8, 2013

Fun Facts Friday!

Let the hustle and bustle of the Holiday season begin. I have really felt it start this week. I have been busy in the salon studio with tons of hair appointments, the boys are just getting over their colds-which stayed for a week, we have started to bundle up ridiculously before heading outside and bribes to come in have been with hot cocoa. I have also been singing and listening to Christmas music and started thinking about gifts for my family. I am so excited for Christmas this year. I was in the hospital with Eli last year and really felt like I missed out on so much of the Spirit of it all. I hope to make it up this time around.

Here are a couple Fun Facts this week.

- I didn't take any photos this week and I hate that.

- This may sound totally gross and you may never try this, but I was desperate with Eli and his booger situation. I ordered a Nosefrida last week and LOVE it. It is an aspirator that you use with your own mouth to suck out their snot. I know it sounds disgusting, but as long as the filter is in the tube, there is nothing to worry about. I want to use it on everyone that has a stuffy nose now. (I am not kidding- its awesome. order one. You won't be sorry the next time one of your kids has a cold)

- I am starting to take appointments for January already. I am also considering changing things with my salon in 2014 and being a pre-book only salon. Which would mean I will no longer take last minute appointments and only take appointments booked out 4 weeks in advance. Still considering it.

 -Now that Eli is moving around I feel like I know his personality so much better. He is so curious and brave. He loves cords and will eat everything he can hold. He is still the sweetest little boy and loves his reflection. He will also be a year in a month. My mind is blown. This year went much too fast.

- We picked up a Foosball table this week from a friend who was giving it away and we are so excited! We have officially ran out of space in our home for anything else. I used to play Foosball growing up and whenever I would lose I would throw the balls at whoever I was playing. I sure hope that I have grown out of that. ;)

- Ezra repeated the word CRAP this week and I died. I will not say that word anymore. (I know it could be worse, but not in this house)

- We have all been awake before 6 am everyday this week. I am tired. We are all tired. The boys are usually losing it by 1pm (Even when Eli has had a morning nap)

 -Our new front door is being installed Monday! Finally!

- on Wednesday my blow dryer for the salon died. I planned on leaving the minute Marshall got home to run out to pick up a new one. I had a busy day Thursday. Marshall walked in with a box addressed to me and inside was a new blow dryer sent from Sam Villa to review. Such a small but awesome little blessing.

- Marshall recently discovered he is now allergic to Peanut Butter and Honey! Should I change my blog name?

We have a low key weekend ahead and I am looking forward to taking it easy.

Have a good one!