Friday, November 22, 2013

Fun Facts Friday:

This week moved quickly but the days were all long
The boys are sick. AGAIN! I am pretty sure they were healthy for one solid week and their cold turned around and got them again. I wish there was more I could do for them.

- I asked Marshall to take a sick day this morning.
- I am freshing things up in the salon for 2014
- I have a savings plan in the works
- Thinking of ordering groceries online and having them delivered. Not just because it would be more convenient- but the sole purpose of not being impulsive or straying from my list and staying in budget. And, because, let's be real- This would make my life so much easier.I think I may give it a trial run.
- You will see me at my absolute very worst at 5 am. I am talking, crabbiest, most tired, ugly and mean.
- There is a toddler lock on almost every single knob in the house.
- I surprised myself this week and actually got through almost all of the laundry, washed the dining room drapes and even took the chair covers into the dry cleaners. I know, right?
- I don't like pot roast. Every time I make it I get excited and I don't know why, because when I eat it I am disappointed.
- This "Happy Holidays" stuff drives me nuts. It's "Christmas" people. Bring it back.
- I support small businesses any way I can.
- No one in our house is okay with someone locking them out of the bathroom. I've mentioned this before, right? This time, I am speaking specifically about Ezra. I thought he was going to kick the door down as Marshall showered this morning.
- Eli will eat anything he finds on the floor. He has even slid his little fingers through the sliding glass door tracks and licked his hand. Delicious, I know.
- This week I considered checking myself into a hotel- just for a night- to get a full nights rest. I have forgot what it's like to have uninterrupted sleep.
- Thanksgiving is next week! We have hosted the last couple years and I still haven't pulled out my recipes to study my plan for the day. I hope I don't mess it up.
-Marshall's family is coming up from Utah to visit for the Holiday. We will have a packed house.
- Any other sick kid besides my own grosses me out.
- I will purposely watch something that I know will make me cry. I think its healthy to let out a good cry.
- More recently I have felt that I can't handle another child.
- I prefer music that is emotional and gut wrenching over dance music. I am emotional like that.
- I ordered our Christmas cards before Valentines day this year!
- I should have taken more photos this week. whoops.
- Marshall's swim/coaching season starts next week. I am never prepared for that.

I am looking forward to having Marshall home this weekend most of all. I sure do love that man.

Have a good one!