Monday, November 4, 2013

My Monday::

I told myself that this week I was going to pull myself together. I was going to watch what I was eating and maybe work out or something. Instead, I never worked out and I'm not about to. I tried to control myself from sneaking any of Ezra's Halloween candy- I only took 1! And that's great for me! And I just ate a ding dong. So... maybe next week I will try again.

This morning started early. (Dang you,daylight savings... ) 5am. Both boys were awake and kicking. I felt rested and this was because we went to bed before 10 last night. A wonderful habit to start.

The boys have nasty colds and are still pretty miserable.And, I am sure I can talk on and on about how hard my morning and my day was with the boys or how I ran into Ezra's room and slammed the door and screamed into my hands after Ezra's (I dunno) 5th accident. But I won't. I will tell you about all the great things that happened to happen today.

Here are a couple great things that happened.

- I had a feeling to check in on a dear friend who just had her second baby and so glad I did. Sent dinner to them tonight to lighten their new heavy load.

- I sang Christmas songs for most of the day and Ezra never told me to stop.

- Ezra and Eli napped at the same time!

-Ezra even asked me to sing to him before he napped. So sweet.

-Henry and Ezra's imaginations were awesome today. They pretended to be on a ship and they kept rescuing each other when they would fall into the "water."

-Eli is finally really crawling and even pulling himself up!

- Henry's mom (my sweet friend, Brianna) made dinner for us! Such a wonderful surprise for our wild Monday.

- I colored my hair this morning, since I was up anyways. (A little darker)

- I was able to wash and fold 2 loads of laundry.

- Marshall had a swimming meeting tonight- which meant I had to do bedtimes by myself. We tell Ezra he is the man of the house and he totally knows what this means, or acts like it. He was SO cool for me. He helped me with Eli, and said prayers all by himself.

-Ezra didn't even leave his bed- it only took him a half hour to fall asleep. (in bed by 7- down by 7:30!) #Fistpump.

- I did manage to get at least two workable photos for today's post. My hands were full all day- this was a great thing.

- Marshall's new power tower machine arrived today. He is really pumped about this. I suppose I am pumped, too.

- It didn't snow today! That is always great news, right?

-My mom traveled safely home from France and we get to see her this week! I totally missed her.

- I am totally getting to bed early tonight!

I am hoping and praying that my boys recover from these nasty little colds so we can enjoy our week together. I want to enjoy these last few weeks of the year. Time is getting away from me!