Monday, November 11, 2013

My Monday:::

Last night Marshall and I were in bed by 9:30. It was awesome. And we all slept in until...get this, 6:24 am! 
I felt like we were on vacation.
I know I sound crazy, but I woke up feeling completely renewed.

Our door installation got moved to next Monday. Shucks. 
And Henry didn't come over to play today. Double shucks.
AND Ezra had a rough weekend and had all his toys put in toy jail aka in the basement. Major Shucks.


This Monday wasn't looking very fun. But. The boys are over their colds and we all had a good nights rest, and we had food in our cupboards and plans for the evening- things were looking up!

I did a bit of hair in the morning and the boys were cool with it. 
Then we played with all the cushions on the floor from every couch and chair. When we got tired of doing that, we read books and when we tired of that, I sent Ezra outside.

Eli wanted to be out with us, but I knew Ezra wouldn't last very long and I had more fun watching Eli from the outside anyways. ;)

I was laughing hysterically at him through the window and even Ezra couldn't keep it together.
I needed a jolly laugh today because it was too boring of a Monday than I could handle.

Ezra loved being outside for the little time he spent out there. I am only looking forward to snow for his sake. (not mine) He will love being out there in the snow to make snowballs, forts, caves and snowmen. Marshall will love to be out there with him.  And I can't wait to call them in for hot cocoa. 

After our afternoon naps, we waited for Marshall to get home and packed our things and headed to our friend's house. We can't get enough of the Clarkin family. We really love them. Marshall and Scott were able to play some ping pong, while Amanda and I watched the kiddos play and caught up on all sorts of things. I needed some girl time.

We had some delicious pizza and totally trashed their place. Ezra loved it and Eli loved it, too.

Ezra left them with hugs and even kisses and is looking forward to seeing his friend again.

We made it home swiftly and safely, and immediately put the boys down to bed. I never heard a peep from either of them. 

 Mondays like this get me excited for the rest of the week. 

I am grateful to have a nice warm home on cold days like today. I am grateful for my funny boys and I am especially grateful for our great friends.

I am also grateful for the men and women who sacrifice so much to serve our country.
 Happy Veterans Day. And a very Happy Veterans Day to my mom and dad.

On to another week!

Happy Monday!