Monday, November 18, 2013

My Monday:

Marshall was missed this morning- afternoon. Not only by Ezra. But by me. I would have loved if he could have been home to help me hold down the fort.

All of us were awake before 6. In fact, Ezra came tearing through out room at 5 am on the dot. I knew he would break Eli from his slumber, I just waited for his morning shriek...

I was able to get in the shower and ready for the day before Marshall left, which always makes me morning so much easier. Ezra was working on his breakfast toast when Marshall said Goodbye and left with the garbage and the mail I left by the door. I am thinking that because he hands were full and Marshall was running a few minutes later than usual, that the forgot to give Ezra an extra kiss goodbye? Because, MAN! Ezra was sad about Marshall leaving. I didn't blame him. I wanted to climb in the window and press my face up against the glass and cry as loud, as obnoxious and as long as Ezra did this very morning.

Mondays are hard... On all of us.

There was moment this morning where I had to run to the bathroom (If you know what I am saying... ) and as I ran in- I noticed that there was no toilet paper. (insert scream and panic here) I ran out and ran in ... ran out and in again, thinking- there is NO way I will make it all the way downstairs to grab the TP and back up without having (what we call around here) an accident. As I ran into the bathroom, I grabbed Eli on the way and set him on my lap (he was comfortable-  I was slightly "Oh my gosh... I hate that this is happening to me right now") and yelled at Ezra to help me. I pleaded with Ezra to go downstairs to help me. I explained to him that I needed some toilet paper and that I would need him to go down stairs into the laundry room and get it and bring it all the way back up to me.

 He did it! He did it people!I have never been so thankful. I praised him to the high heavens. His only request for a reward? The toilet paper roll holder. I let him play with this for the rest of the morning. This toilet paper roll was not only his trophy for bailing his mom out of one of  the more humiliating moments as a mother alone with her children, but also a "telescope." He deserved it.

And the day continued on.

I had an appointment right away- it went as smooth as things get around here. Afterwards, we waited patiently for a 10 month little boy to come over. I offered to watch him for his mama so she could go to an appointment. I thought that he would have fun with Ezra and Eli and that they would play together after lunch really nice. It was a nice thought. He missed his mom too much to have fun. But thank heavens my boys were amused by the new sounds another child makes. Ezra and Eli were actually quite helpful as I tried every trick I knew to soothe their new little friend. He was the happiest on my lap helping me feed Eli his lunch and having his lunch fed to him the same time. I was pretty proud of myself-- I could totally be a mom of twin boys (HA!)

We said our goodbyes to our little buddy and said our hellos to Henry. Ezra was excited to have a friend his size to play with. They immediately ripped all the cushions off the couch and on to the floor and were instantly transported to the mountains. I watched the boys climb their mountains as I tried to cram my turkey sandwich in my face. I didn't really get a chance to have lunch today- I swayed Eli on my hip to protect him from any falling mountain climbers and we watched. The boys were awfully creative today- they even made a jump rope out of blocks and my phone charger. Awesome.

After Henry was picked up, we all napped. We all needed naps. Eli and I napped a good hour and Ezra napped until Marshall got home.

I made some soup and corn bread and we ate quickly before heading out to Ikea. I have been on a mission to find something to replace the cabinet in my salon for something easier to clean and easy to lock. I made a trip last week to check it out and take measurements and went back tonight to pick it up. I can't wait to assemble it and stock it full.

I am so grateful that my boys were all willing to sacrifice their precious play time to help me tonight.

We were home before 8 and put the boys straight to bed.

What a day! I am tired!

Here is to another wild week ahead of us! Happy Monday!