Monday, November 25, 2013

My Monday::

I have been dreading this day for weeks. It was Marshall's first day of coaching after a full day of work. Which means Marshall is out of the house at 6:30 am and home after 7pm (on a good day and  after 9 on a meet day.) My days are long in the winters and now with two active little boys I will have my work cut our for me.

Ezra loves looking out the window and watching for the garbage truck. He puts on his "lookers" and waves wildly as they drive by.

We normally give the boys baths before bed, but after breakfast this morning, Eli had banana smashed in all sorts of places. I had to bathe him and Ezra just hopped right in.
This passed this time and we were all ready for the day by 7 am.

We heard early that Ezra's buddy, Henry, was home sick- I worried a little about how I would keep Ezra entertained this afternoon.

My mom (is a saint, by the way) came over after her night shift at work and helped me with the boys.
She played with them and kept them busy all morning(while I worked) and this afternoon we all took a 2 hour nap and woke up completely refreshed and happy!

I reminded Ezra all day that when Marshall is gone, that he is the man of the house and he knows this and believes this. This was probably one of the best days with him in a LONG time. Ezra was helpful, adorable, talkative,gentle and understanding.
Prayers were truly answered.

Eli is still feeling under the weather and I am hoping that he is back to his normal smiley self by Thursday.

Ezra helped me with the laundry, dinner, baths and family home evening. He picked out his books for story time and even insisted on saying his own prayers before hopping into bed. My heart was bursting with love for this little man tonight.

I was feeling incredibly grateful for answered prayers to get me through the beginning of this new season (coaching season)

We are looking forward to Thanksgiving and home cooked food! Have a great Holiday!