Thursday, December 12, 2013

Eli is ONE

There is no way that a year ago today, Eli came into my life.
This year flew by faster than I could have imagined it would. It is almost mind boggling how life moves so quickly without anyone noticing.
I barely remember what our lives were like before Elias came into our world. He has been such a blessing and truly a gift to our family. Ezra adores him (a lot of the time) and Eli follows Ezra all around the house.

I called Marshall at work this morning and started to cry reminding him about The day Eli came, It was one of the coolest and traumatic days of life. I suffered from serious post traumatic stress for quite a while because he came so quickly, but I was able to shake it after I got to know him and realized he was worth every bit of it.

Here are a couple things we love and adore about Eli.

-He was born with a a teeny tiny hemangioma on his collar bone which has been growing with him. If you are unfamiliar with hemangiomas, they look scary but are (not usually) something to be worried about. It is a benign tumor consisting of blood vessels just under the skin. They normally disappear by the time children reach 9 years of age! Cool, huh? Ezra always asks what it is and calls it "Eli's owie"

-He barely EVER cries. EVER. So when he does, it is usually out of pain-- lately, caused by teething.

-He is a sensory kid. He loves to touch and feel different textures of all kinds.

-Because of this, when you hold him and place his blanket on his shoulders, he immediately collapses into you. It is the sweetest. He loves his blankets-- so much so, that he pulls it over his face to fall asleep. I have to go in and pull it off of his face.

- If you ask for an eskimo kiss, he will lean in for one--- but last night, he leaned into me and gave me one! I died!

-Instead of waving bye-bye, he sticks his arm out in front of him. He watches his fingers and I can tell he is trying to figure out how to get them to move.

- He is a really happy baby and gives the squinty-est eye smiles you have ever seen.

- He loves to be read to.

-He laughs hysterically if you pretend to eat his chin. Which I do often.

- He loves playing peek a boo.

- I have gotten him to say "hello" clearly once.

-He hates wearing socks. He will pull them off immediately and always kicks off his shoes.

- He loves music. He loses control of his arms and legs.

- He loves to kick his legs when he is excited.

- He will crawl right up to you and just want to sit in your lap- and he is perfectly content there.

-He doesn't appreciate being walked on by without acknowledgment. But can you blame him?

I am so excited to be able to be a part of Eli's life. It is an honor to be able to watch him grow and develop into the person he will become. I feel so blessed to have such a sweet, and beautifully healthy little one year old.

We love you, Eli! Thank you! thank you- for such a wonderful year.