Friday, December 27, 2013

Fun Facts Friday : Christmas Edition

Our Christmas could not have been more lovely. 
Last year, we couldn't be together as a family, in fact, I knew Christmas was happening outside of the hospital walls but really didn't have the heart to celebrate. Eli and I were fighting our way to get out of the hospital after being there for 13 days at that point. Needless to say, we made up for our absence this year. 

We spent Christmas eve day at home. We made ginger bread houses. Ezra ate so much candy and I couldn't believe any of it actually ended up on the house at all. I had to teach myself to let go and let be with Ezra decorating. I wanted the frosted piping to be perfect but had to walk away.

After naps, Ezra and I made a plate of cookies and  trudged through the deep snow to drop them off at our neighbors home- Ezra said, "Merry Christmas" in his sweetest voice and wore his santa hat. He loved doing this.

I made a delicious Christmas eve feast. Cranberry orange turkey, with roasted red potatoes, rolls and green beans with sparking apple cider (My favorite)
 We had asked the missionaries to stop by after dinner to share a message to our family (especially Ezra) about Christ and the true meaning of Christmas. I love how much Ezra looks up to these young men. They set such a wonderful example to my boys and I am hoping to have the missionaries come every Christmas to share a message with my children from now on.

After we sent the missionaries out the door for the (eve)ning, we gave the boys one gift before sending them to bed. Each boy got a pair of Christmas jammies and a Christmas book. We read them their books and tucked them in bed and as soon as their eyes were closed we prepared everything for Christmas morning.

Last Sunday, we pulled into our driveway after church and in between our storm door and our front door was a large box with a bow and a card from a "secret santa" In the box was something that we knew would be loved and used for years to come.  And coincidentally was exactly what Ezra asked Santa for for Christmas. A polar express train set was beautiful and intricate, it was battery operated-- it had a remote for sounds and speed. It was like a  real little train! We felt so blessed and so loved and really really special. Whoever thought to leave this on our doorstep before Christmas really made our first Christmas at home as a family of four, really memorable. Thank you, thank you, whoever you are. We love it!

Here is a short video of our Christmas morning. ( Don't mind my "Don't do that"-scolding in the midst of memory making ;)

I made a delicious sausage egg bake while the boys played with all their new toys. I was feeling a little overwhelmed with the wrapping paper and gifts strewn about our little living room and the boisterous excitement that exuded from our enthusiastic three year old but felt so incredibly blessed to be his mother and for the joy that comes from this holiday season. 

Later on in the day we traveled (not so far) to the Abrahamsons for pizza, gifts and family time.  It would be the last time we would be celebrating in the Abrahamson's home in Maple Grove, they will be completely moved to Apple Valley before the end of the year.

It was late by the time we got home from Grandma and Grandpa Abrahamsons. 
The boys have stayed up past their bed times much this week. I am not really looking forward to getting them back on their regular routine once Marshall has to go back to work.

The day after Christmas we spent all morning home and Ezra stayed in his room playing with his toys all of the morning. He came out for bathroom breaks and meal times.

Later on we celebrated with my side of the family.

Ezra and Marshall were able to go sledding on the side of my parents house. Ezra's first time going down a hill alone! It was hilarious to watch!

We had our "traditional" Chinese dinner at the Solheim household and opened even more gifts! Ezra was on top of the world at this point.Eli felt a little indifferent, he wasn't used to the family dog and my hands were busy with him. I wasn't able to take photos as I wished I could have. 

 It was great to be with my sister who is back from France and I to see my family.  It wouldn't have felt like Christmas if I didn't get to see at least (one) of my sisters. I was so happy to have her home.

We woke up this morning late. I talking 7 am people! Both of the boys slept in and we originally had plans to head to the Children's Museum (courtesy of my parents, awesome gift) but we decided to stay home, play toys and stay in our jammies. I have a feeling it is going to take us a while to come down from the rush of this wonderful Christmas.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas- It is obvious that we did and still are. 

Merry Christmas everyone.