Friday, December 20, 2013

Fun Facts Friday:

Christmas is next week and I actually think I am ready. Nothing is wrapped or under the tree but I think it is safe to say that the shopping is pretty complete. I am still unsure of what we actually have planned for Christmas. I am just happy to have Marshall home. He and I both took the week off and we plan on doing some fun things with the boys. I am really looking forward to it.
I barely left the house this week. I am itching to get out today, though. I have been so busy with hair appointments that I haven't really had the chance to do much else besides hair and care for my boys.
Next week off with Marshall will be well deserved!

Here are a couple fun facts:

- I had Eli tested for a peanut and milk allergy at his one year appointment and he is unfortunately allergic to BOTH! No more peanut butter in this house! And Soy milk only for Eli. I feel like I have a lot to learn about how to work around these allergies and making sure that Eli gets all the nutrients he needs. There is a chance he may be allergic to more than milk and peanuts and we are seeing an allergist first thing in January to have more tests done. Poor Eli.

-The boys are playing so well together and it is so fun to watch. I love how much Eli and Ezra love one another, it is really sweet. Ezra is in a stage where he wants to pick up Eli and move him around and if he is in a "mood" we really have to watch him to make sure he doesn't body slam Eli. I have to watch them every second to keep Eli alive.

-I have eaten so many Christmas sweets this week I haven't been hungry for anything else. I have a problem.

- I will always talk loud over my growling tummy noises. This has happened a couple times this week. Embarrassing.

-I LOVE getting Christmas cards from our friends. I love my friends.

- We purchased a little people nativity and it is by far the best Christmas toy/decor we own.

-I have made a great effort to teach the boys that Christmas is about Christ and not just Santa and presents.
But, Mr. Elf has been pretty fun to have around this week and especially because Ezra thinks he is "Santa's helper" He has been a lot more imaginative this week.

- We signed Ezra up for a soccer mini camp in the spring and I cannot wait to get him little shoes, socks, shorts and shin pads. I can't believe I have a child old enough for community sports.

-Eli is working on his 8th tooth! He has been drooling a lot and up in the night.

- I am starting home school preschool with Ezra in January. Marshall has been so supportive of me to start this and I will need all the support I can get to keep consistent with it. I have a tendency to start things and not completely finishing them.

-I am also setting a goal of only 1 fast food outing a month. I love fast food and Marshall thinks that is where all our money goes. He is mostly right.

- I have been loving the ease of getting ready in the morning with short hair! I am so happy I chopped it.

- I did a majority of my Christmas shopping on Amazon. I love shopping online. Ezra loves the mailman and thinks that everything we get is from the mailman. He doesn't understand how online shopping works. I hope he doesn't for a long time.

-I think Eli is getting stronger on his legs. I think he will be walking in the new year!

- I want to go caroling. But not alone.

- My sister gets home from France on Sunday! (ahhhh!!!!) I am so excited to see her! I have missed her like crazy!

I am so excited for next week! 

Have a great weekend!