Monday, December 2, 2013

My Monday: And the weekend.

Here is the story you guys. It's Monday. The Monday after a wild weekend.

And. I totally forgot it was Friday-- this past Friday- which meant, I missed a post. I am (kind of) sorry. I mean, it was really nice to have a break from posting. I enjoyed spending time with my little family and also family that visited from Utah. 

I am really disappointed in myself for not documenting our weekend.I took maybe 3 photos all weekend. One of them I forced on Marshall to take one of me and my turkey. I have made the turkey for the past 3 years and this was the first photo I have of me holding it. I am proud, ok?!

We did meet Santa this weekend. 
Ezra walked right up to him and said. "I need a train."
And Eli loved him.

Here is what I did today. NOTHING. 
I lied, I did color my hair and finished a photo book on shutterfly and carried the dry laundry up from downstairs, but I didn't fold it.-- these were probably the only interesting things that I did today. I really loved doing nothing. I mean, I didn't even make dinner! 

Just when I thought Eli was coming out of his cold- his nose started running AGAIN! He has 2 new teeth looking like they are busting through and I feel like I am blaming his teeth for his runny nose, but I am over it.

Henry stayed home today. We are trying to contain this cold plague that has been running it's awful course on us. So this kept us bored today.

But, it was good to get the boys back on their normal nap and bedtime schedule since I am on my own again.

We were all able to take nice long naps. I hit the pillow hard and woke up totally groggy. I kind of loved it. And I woke up to the fluffy snowflakes falling gracefully from the heavy clouds. This was Eli's first (real) time seeing the snow and he stared wide eyed out the window taking it all in.

After I fed the boys, bathed Eli and got Ezra ready for bed, we had Family Home Evening. Tonight we talked about the Shepherds who were visited by and Angel who told them that Christ was born. 

This month we are going to take a few minutes each day and go over the Christmas Story, I am doing it from this site. It is adorable. There are pictures, quick videos and quotes. Everyone should check it out. It is a great reminder of the true reason behind this season.

 I am hoping to wrap up my (Online) Christmas shopping this week and get our Christmas tree up before next week. (Wish us luck!)

Have a great week!