Monday, December 30, 2013

My Monday- At the Childrens Museum!

The boys were up early, but I didn't care. I was excited to have the day with them. We had big plans!

I hopped out of bed and went straight to work.
 I made pancakes from scratch, baked some bacon in the oven and scrambled some eggs. Marshall came in as breakfast was almost ready and made us some cocoa. What a man... 

 After fighting with Ezra to eat his breakfast and wiping Eli clean, I started on dinner. I had to make two today, One for us and one for a friend who had surgery today.
I prepped both as Ezra was playing with his plastic play food beside me watching and following my every move. I put chicken thighs in one crock pot to marinade and chili in the next to cook while we were out and so they would be ready by dinner time. I love my crock pot(s) and I love walking in the door to the smell of dinner and not having to cook it.

We left the house excited and ready for our first family trip to the Children's museum.
We knew it would be busy after the holiday and the freezing weather, but this didn't stop us. We plowed through it and I am happy we did, Ezra had such a great time and is wanting to go back tomorrow.

Upon our arrival,we were immediately talked into buying a membership pass for the year. Why not? Not far from home and a great place to learn and play! I need to keep my boys busy. Now I just need all my friends to get a membership pass so we can go together. ;)

Because of the crowds, it was pretty hard to get through with our stroller, so Eli and I had to stay back for the really fun activities. This was ok with me for the most part, crowds tend to really overwhelm me, this just meant that Marshall got to have a lot more fun with Ezra. Eli and I were a little jealous.

Eli and I stared at each other and out the window at the fresh falling snow. I fed him lunch with all the other moms and their children. I am always so amazed at mothers. Their order and their organization as they are out with their children around the lunch hour. How they can have 3 or more children's lunches packed and perfect to serve out in a busy public setting-with their children who (may or may not) be sitting crossed legged ready to eat it up. These moms were so cool and patient and I wanted to be just like them. 

Here are some photos (from my phone- of course, I forgot my camera) from our day at the museum.

The boys were snoring in their seats before we made it home. We went through the Mcdonalds drive thru one last time in 2013. I had a big mac and loved every piece of it and Marshall had chicken nuggets. I was hoping the boys would stay asleep for a while, but they both woke up as we walked in the door. No nap for me today.

Marshall lost track of time and before he knew it, it was time to leave for swim practice. I let Ezra watch "Mighty Machines" while Eli and I played and I packed the dinner for our friends. I searched for my kids and knew Marshall had my keys in his pocket. Ugh... I called him to tell him how NOT cool that was. Thank heavens for spare keys.I warmed up the van and bundled the boys warm before heading out to drop off a meal. The roads were slick and I prayed the whole way there that we would be safe. I really didn't want to be out on the roads today, but I knew that if I was doing something good for someone else, the Lord would look out for me and my children.

We made it home safe and sound. I asked Ezra what he wanted for dinner and of course he said Mac and Cheese. I was happy he requested anything at all. He has been too busy to eat these days.

I gave the boys their baths immediately after dinner, read stories and had them in their beds by 6:45. I knew they would fall right asleep. This was such a big day for all of us.
I was able to take a hair appointment. I love being able to do hair after being alone with the boys for the evening. It's so nice to have a normal conversation once in a while.

I am looking forward to having our dear friends over for dinner and games tomorrow night to ring in the New Year!

Happy Monday and Happy New Years, everyone!!