Friday, January 3, 2014

Fun Facts Friday:

Now that it's the beginning of a new year, I feel renewed. Like I have been cleansed of  2013's failed attempts at success and other kinds of junk and I have been given another year to redeem myself. Thank heavens for that! I have made only a handful of goals this year and I keep telling myself that if I stick with them, I will be greatly rewarded just for my commitment.

We were lucky enough to ring in the New Year with our close friends Graham and Sarah and their sweet new baby, Noah. Of course, there are no pictures. (My fault- we were too busy sharing stories, devouring our meal and having fun) 

Some of my goals this year include, only going out to eat once a month, not going up for seconds and transferring money into our savings account immediately (So I don't spend it) Along with the usual, try to work out a couple times a week, lay off the sweets, read my scriptures daily and do more service for others. These are all things that I am consistently trying to be better at.

Here are some fun facts:

-We were able to watch Kennedy and Jordyn last Saturday. I love having girls in the house and I especially love being able to help out a friend by watching her children. This was a treat for all of us! Ezra LOVED having K over to play! Marshall and I were swooning over all the pink and purple stuff!

- I cut my hair even shorter, I thought for a second, "What have I done!?" and then snapped out of it- It's just hair. My hair grows at an incredible speed. As a hairstylist I feel like I should do this once in a while, it shows others that its ok to make a drastic change,right. I do have to say, I feel totally silly in photos- I can't seem to find the right pose without all my hair ;)

-After searching high and low for earrings to wear, to feel more feminine- I ended up stopping at the store at picking up a few. I don't remember the last time I bought earrings. My hair used to cover my ears or get stuck in them, now that isn't a problem. My ears are totally exposed. ;)

- Homeschooling Ezra the last few days have already been so rewarding for him and myself. This may be the coolest thing we have done together. Already we are learning so much together and I love that he calls me his teacher and that he can review with Marshall at the end of the day all that he learned. It's really awesome.

- I really don't mind being cooped up inside during this cold weather. I can get things done around my house and there is always something to do around here.

- I am down to one nursing session with Eli a day. His morning session, and I never want it to end. He is ready to be completely done, in fact, he usually nurses for maybe 10 minutes and he is done and it makes me so sad that he won't snuggle me any longer. 

-I am sick of fighting with Ezra about eating. I mean, really.

- I only sometimes hate it when Ezra crawls on my lap. Other times I am like " get your own spot, kid!" His bottom is bony and my lap is either getting smaller (HA! I wish) or he is getting bigger and heavier.

- Eli is an eating machine. If he is ever fussy (Which isn't often, it is because he is hungry) Last night he ate 3 bowls of  mostaccioli. I wish Ezra would eat like that.

-Eli is also sleeping the night! Yahoo!

-Just in the last few days more and more people have been asking me about my next baby. I will say that I am not planning on birthing a baby this year. I will say that planning for another baby isn't completely out of the cards.

- I was thankfully able to get a little help from a very handy construction worker and robin while I built a new bookshelf for our living room. The floating shelves that we originally had on the wall came crashing down after our front door was shut hard one too many times.

-I was able to watch a "13 going on 30" a night while the boys were asleep and Marshall was away. This is the first chick flick that I have seen in years! I loved it and I cried. It was so silly and almost stupid and I loved it.

I am so excited for another year of blogging about our growing family. It has been so fun to go back and read all the things that we are learning together as a family.