Friday, January 10, 2014

Fun Facts Friday:

Considering we left the house maybe twice this week, I feel like this week flew by! I love when the weekend creeps up on us, it such a sweet surprise!

Here are a couple fun facts:

-My hard covered blog book that I had printed out from last year arrived yesterday. Every time I am able to hold my years worth of blog posts and photos in my hands I am always so glad that I document our lives. This will be a treasure for years to come.

- Fresh out of the dryer- stretchy denim- can be my biggest enemy some mornings. 

-Eli will be walking soon, I can feel it! He is moving around a lot more confidently. I am so excited for him!

- I seriously have been so blessed with the most amazing people in my life.

-While tickling Eli this week, I noticed he had a new molar!! What! No wonder he has seemed so grumpy lately!

-This week, we learned about the letter B during our homeschool preschool. Ezra and I are learning SO much from doing this every day. He is asking so many questions, such as "What is a question?" He is soaking up everything he is learning. I am really proud of him and happy that I can be a part of his learning process.

- Ezra has learned this week that if there is music on, we must exercise.

- I put my foot in my mouth probably more than I should. I have to watch myself on the daily.

- I craved fast food bad this week but didn't give in. 

- The way my kids chomp on their plastic play food, makes me think it tastes better than the food I serve them.

-We ran out of all of our fresh fruit by Wednesday. I panic and am forced to get creative on what to feed these boys. I am so bad at knowing what to feed them and I am in such a slump. Suggestions are definitely needed.

- I am so tired of feeling like I need my phone all the time. I have been purposefully leaving it in other rooms to forget about it.

-I have heard too many disturbing stories of public schools. It just reaffirms my thoughts and desires to home school my children.

- I didn't like or want any of my clothes this week. This is normal to go through once in a while, right?

- I am planning a trip for a long weekend to Seattle in April to visit my sister and her family. I am already getting excited about it.

- I occasionally look at the real estate market- you know... just cause.

- Ezra demanded to help with the dishes this week and I did not oppose. I am so excited to think that my children will be able to help me with chores.

We celebrate Birthday's everyday (Eli's shirt :)

We love the weekends over here, don't you?!

 Happy Friday!