Friday, January 17, 2014

Fun Facts Friday

Thunk (tiny grunt)
thump thump thump thump thump thump and thump- the sound came closer and closer toward me.
I pried my left eye open and adjusted my vision in the dark. I watched Ezra dive head first onto our big bed and he struggled to pull his whole body on.
I hesitated to help him up. We have a no children in the bed rule (Or should I say, I have this rule)
But then in a moment of weakness, I grabbed his warm little hand and pulled him up. He made his way in between Marshall and I. I watched him settle in and looked closely at his face. The look of satisfaction and success smeared across his innocent little smile. I rolled over and felt happy that Ezra felt accomplished with his little mission right away this morning. I could have made this a battle and made him go back to his own bed, but instead I embraced him, and helped him in. I have to remind myself how important it is to do these little things once in a while. I love letting Ezra win at some things. 

Here are some Fun Facts:

-This week in preschool, Ezra learned about the letter C and that it is a consonant! He will you sing you a song about it.

- Another child happened to teach something to Ezra recently that I just wasn't ready for Ezra to learn about yet- and something I definitely wouldn't want him to repeat. I guess I am not ready for these things to happen, yet. 

- Someone this week laughed in my face about my desire to home school. I mentally imagined punching them in the face. And had to remind myself that I don't care what other people think. These are my children and I will know that is best for them and for me.

- I follow people on instagram with pretty hair or that do pretty hair and makeup. I can't help myself.  I love pretty things.

- I have so much laundry to do that I really don't feel like doing.

- I used up my fast food pass this month and loved it. I am looking forward to February.

- We love watching the cops pull people over outside our window. You would be surprised how many funny things we have seen.

-My shows are back on! I was starting to go a little nuts.

- I am on a mad mission to save money- I can't help but not leave the house just so I don't spend money. Now I just need to put security settings on computer so I can't shop online.

-I thought having short hair would be less maintenance, and every day it is, but my hair grows so quickly that I need a haircut every 4 weeks. 

- Sometimes trying to knock a balloon that it is static clung to the ceiling is the best entertainment we get these days.

- Ezra and Eli are playing with each other more than ever the last couple days and it has been so fun to watch.

- I gave Ezra a choice the other day when he was being a wild rascal. He could either play with his toys or he could snuggle me. He chose to snuggle me. Good choice. Naturally, Eli followed.

-Last Sunday was Ezra's first day in Sunbeams and it was rough for him, we have been preparing him again this week and saying lots of prayers for him and his teachers that it will go smoother for him from now on. I have no doubt that it will, but I hope the other kids will allow him to learn and grow how he is capable to.

- Ezra really wants to wrestle Eli, but we tell him he can't wrestle Eli until Eli can run-- you know, so Eli can run away. This seems fair, right?

- I have been loving snuggling with Marshall the last couple nights. Our room gets really cold and Marshall is my own personal heater.

- I really want to bike a lot when the weather gets nicer. I am looking for a comfortable bike that will ride nice for long distance and with children in a trailer behind me, I would love suggestions!

We actually have plans this weekend! I am really looking forward to it!

Have a great weekend!