Friday, January 24, 2014

Fun Facts Friday:

I am loving that the days are staying lighter jut a little longer for us. I feel like it really is making a difference in our days. And oddly enough, this week flew by for us!

Here are a couple fun facts:

- Eli eats way more than Ezra.

-Ezra's brain is moving a million miles an hour-- I cannot keep up with him. He has been surprising me with what he knows. He made the earth with playdoh- I haven't even taught him about the Earth!

-This week we learned about the letter D.

- I get really sad imagining Marshall as a single dude. I'm so glad he met me. ;)

-e Children's museum is great, I just wish we had the place to ourselves and our friends.

-I was told this week that I can now update my resume to doing hair for the living and the deceased. This week, I had the honor of doing a 93 year old woman's hair who had passed away. She looked beautiful.

-Remember how I wanted to work in mortuaries? If I could, I would. Maybe after all my kids are grown.

- Eli will put anything and everything he can find on his head, he copies his big brother.

- There hasn't been any sweets in our house for a couple days and it is safe to say I am having serious withdrawals.

-I am officially done nursing, but if you scare me or make me mad- I am pretty sure my milk comes back for a second.

- We finally washed the van today since it was above 0 degrees. It needed it in the worst way. My van was covered completely in salt.

-My February calendar is already completely filled with hair appointments. Contact me if you are needing to get in.

- The boys pulled practically pulled every single toy off of their toy shelf. In the midst of it all, Ezra started eating apples.... I never gave him apples. He found them in his piles of toys. Gross. I am not sure how old
they were.

We have a bit of a busy weekend ahead of us, but I am really looking forward to spending time with Marshall and the boys.