Monday, January 6, 2014

My Monday:

I have always said that parents always have their first child for themselves and have their second child for their first child (and of course because of the joy that their first child brought to their lives, having another just would bring even more joy into the home ;)
My heart is always heavy when I hear that parents aren't successful in having any other children, especially if they are finished having children after one or that someone is an only child.
 This morning, I sat and watched the boys play and interact with each other and I thanked the heavens that the boys had each other.

 Ezra and Eli are learning from one another, how to love and be loved, how to support and encourage each other, to cooperate and to work as a team, to tolerate one another and us as parents,to fight and resolve (Conflict and resolution), to negotiate-- this is fun to watch as Ezra is making a deal with Eli and what toy he can have instead)they are learning what frustrates the other and how to successfully carry this out,compassion- I love how sweet Eli seems when Ezra is upset, he watches him and seems to understand- the same goes for Ezra, he will say "It's okay, Eli. I am here, mommy's here", For as little as their vocabulary is, they are both learning how to socialize,leadership and followership (Ezra is clearly the leader in this house and Eli doesn't know that he is the follower yet, but I am sure that over the years they will take turns being leaders and followers.
Without each other, the responsibility to make sure that their friends are good would be a heavy one. It is obviously something that we already need to take into consideration, but my hope is that having that sibling friendship relationship trumps the relationships outside of the home.

So. On a very cold day like today, I watched the boys carry out all of the skills that I mentioned above and was incredibly grateful that I was able to give them to each other. It doesn't necessarily make my job as their mother easier, but I am learning along with them, and am entertained to watch them figure life out together.

Here are a couple things we did:

-Ezra pretended to chisel us out of the house.

-He also tried licking the window. I actually wouldn't have been surprised if his tongue got stuck.

- We had our school time. Still learning all about the letter A. We made an "Awesome Apple" and also ate one.

-We made grilled cheeses for lunch.

-Ezra ate a LOT of fruit. And went potty a LOT.

- I started Downton Abbey and didn't finish. I hope to tonight.

-I tried to scrub our cabinets clean.

- I swept the floor more than once...

-I folded the laundry that sat on our couch all weekend.

-Ezra and Eli played in the pillows as usual.

-I vacuumed the couch and the cushions and even sucked up the boys hair and their pj pants. They loved this.

- We read lots and lots of stories and I made up lots of stories.

-I sang lots of songs.

-The boys ate a lot of pretzels and yogurt melts.

-We looked out the window a lot.

-I didn't shower until noon or so.

-The boys stayed in their jammies all day.

- We practiced walking with Eli and Ezra cheered him on.

-We put Ezra in a time out... just once, actually.

- Marshall was home at 5!! Practice was cancelled- yahoo!

-We had dinner as a family and Ezra ate!

-We also had family home evening together - I was so happy to have Marshall home.

Now, I am contemplating on whether or not I want to make a batch of cookies tonight, or tomorrow.

We are planning on venturing out tomorrow, and I am already dreading it.

Hope you are warm and cozy at home!

Happy Cold Monday.