Monday, January 20, 2014

My Monday:

I was in bed at 7:10 last night and was asleep shortly after. I was exhausted from the weekend. I was out late two nights in a row- this is so unlike me. I am usually asleep on the couch by 10 and definitely in bed before mid night. Last night was my night to catch up.
Over the weekend, I was noticing how much Eli was struggling as he nursed during his one and only nursing session in the morning. He would pound on my chest, wiggle and squirm, whimper and bite! And I told myself last night that was it. I would be officially done nursing Eli. I am fresh out of the good stuff.
This morning when he woke up at his original 5 am feeding/fighting session- I changed his diaper, grabbed his pacifier and his blanket and rocked in the rocker- just for a few minutes. It killed me that he was calm and not thrashing around pounding on my body or needing me. I wanted to cry. I wanted him to still need me- but he didn't. I kissed his sweet warm head and kissed him again on his chubby warm cheeks and placed him back in his bed. My baby is growing up. I went back to sleep and woke up again and hour or so later. And the rest of my day began.

We had breakfast- we played and I got ready for the day.
My friend, Whitney came over- just in time for my hair appointment to arrive. I was so grateful to Whitney for helping me today, that was a special surprise.
After my appointment, we had grilled cheese sandwiches and homemade potato soup (courtesy of Whitney) It was better than any soup I have ever had. I died when she told me all that was in it!

We talked and laughed at the boys while they played around on the floor and we practiced teaching Eli to walk. Eli is learning to balance off the couch like a pro and walked almost all the way across the living room on his own. We all cheered him on the whole way- it was obvious he was proud of himself, too. It was so adorable.

 When Henry arrived, Ezra was SO excited and ready to play.

The boys were so physical today, more than usual. Henry and Ezra kept wrestling each other down to the ground. Not aggressively, playfully. I figured I might as well make it safe and make rules if they were to keep at it. I made a "pillow cage" and if they waked out, they would have to take a rest and have some water. They were so sweaty. I was the referee, I made sure they were gentle and practically hugging most of the time. I asked Whitney if this was legal, I felt like I was one of those crazy dog fighting people- and Whitney assured me it was fine unless we were betting money. LOL. I would have put my money on Henry- Ezra was always either pinned to the ground or running away. I couldn't stop laughing. They boys had so much fun.

We all needed naps after Henry left.

  • When Eli woke me up, I cuddled him close and caught up on last nights Downton Abbey. When Ezra was awake we all shared a snack. And then, Ezra demanded dinner. And of course, not what I had in the crock pot. He wanted mac and cheese. This defeated the purpose of even putting anything in the crock pot earlier. I do that, so I don't have to make dinner. 

We gobbled our separate dinners down, I gave the boys their baths and dressed them in their pajamas.
 I let them play in the pillows while I cleaned up the mess in the kitchen and then I hear, "Help! Help! The tree has fallen down!" in a playful pretend voice. Then, a moment later I hear a muffled struggle and Eli's cries coming from the living room. I stop what I am doing and run into the living room a layer of couch pillows and cushions covered the floor and Eli was no where to be seen, but I can hear his muffled cries. I tried not to scream at Ezra while asking him where Eli was. He just said "Under the tree, mom!" So I grabbed the chaise cushion-- that seemed like it would be the "tree" and Eli was under it- he seemed happy to see me when I pulled him out. His eyes were red and puffy and his nose was a bit squished- thankfully Eli was okay and it wasn't anything serious. We were done with the pillows after that and Ezra knew exactly why.

We read stories, scriptures, said our prayers and tucked the boys in.

I was hoping for another 7:30 pm bedtime tonight, I supposed 9:30 will do. ;)

Happy Monday!