Monday, January 13, 2014

My Monday:Short/Sweet and extremely boring.

I swear that my Mondays will be boring until the snow is gone. I don't even try to make them fun or interesting- We are just trying to recover from the weekend.

Here are a couple things we did today:

-We had our regular breakfast along with our regular breakfast persuasions and compromises for Ezra to eat.

-I lost track of time while folding laundry while talking to my mom on the phone.

- Hustled to vacuum all the crumbs from last nights dinner and breakfast. My kids sure know how to make a mess while eating.

- Showered while I put Eli in his exersaucer just outside the bathroom door and  Ezra in his room with a baby gate up- so he a)Wouldn't run the house and get into something in the 10 minutes I am not watching or b) Doesn't let a stranger into the house while I am showering. (He opened the door for the mail man last week and I wasn't around. Gave me a heart attack! 

-I got ready quickly before a friend and her daughter came to have her hair done.

- After Ezra asked every day this weekend for a haircut, I finally gave him one. He seriously has the best hair and most perfect little face. 

-We had lunch- Leftovers for all of us. Yipee....

-I prepared a new chicken curry recipe and put in the crock pot.

-Henry came over!! Boy! Have we missed him! Ezra was SO happy he came over and they were jumping off the walls the entire time they played. I was exhausted just watching! 

- The boys went down for naps without a fuss.

-My new turban headbands came in the mail today! I am in love! 

-Eli woke up G.r.u.m.p.y 
 His poor mouth hurts. He probably cried for an hour straight. He woke Ezra up from it all. The only thing that made him stop was to give him  snacks and then at dinner at 4:45.

- Dinner turned out great! The boys even ate it!

-After dinner, I gave the boys their baths and put them both down.

-I had a hair appointment at 7 and immediately following him, I gave Marshall a haircut.

-Then, I sat at the dinner table while Marshall finished telling me about his day- while I ate a bowl of cookies and cream ice cream with a brownie.

- & Now.. I am going to sit back and watch my show (Downton Abbey)

Happy Monday!