Friday, February 7, 2014

Fun facts Friday: on a not so fun Friday

I bring this post to you from my phone as I lay horizontal on my couch. The boys have free reign of the house and the YouTube has the letter f shows on playlist repeat. My mother guilt is in full force today.
Eli hasn't thrown up since yesterday afternoon and this morning I threw up while Ezra screamed at me for a snack and while Eli sat in my lap and sobbed.  I called my mom to come and take care of us. But what I really wish is that Marshall could be home.

I am hoping and praying that this will pass quickly.

Here are some fun facts...regardless of how I feel.

- 2 months ago I had to call my mom to talk me through dumping 250 ounces of breast milk. That was not easy to do.

-Ezra hasnt napped in his bed all week. He has played quietly in his room or I have gotten him to snuggle with me.

- For a split second this morning, I thought I was pregnant. And as much as I would love another baby. I realized quickly how much I am not ready.

- I am emotionally unstable when it comes to caring for my children when they are sick. I can't think straight and it makes me crazy. I call Marshall at work throughout the day to keep it together.

- I laugh the hardest while having dinner with friends. This is one of my most favorite things to do.

- We brought home our very first family pet. Frankie the fish. Ezra was pretty disappointed when he realized that he could only look at Frankie from the outside and couldn't touch him or hold him or play with him.

- If anyone says anything to me that hurts my feelings, makes me uncomfortable,I pretend to not hear them. And change the subject as fast as possible.

- Before having children, I never got sick. I don't ever remember calling in sick. Now, we are sick all the time. It is awful.

-Marshall buys us both a can of root beer every Friday so we can have a special treat as we catch up on all our favorite shows.

-Marshall and I thought we would try to make reservations somewhere for Valentines day and realized quickly that that would be impossible. No wonder we always stay in. What kind of people have reservations on Valentines day, anyways? ;)

-Ezra told me the other morning that he didn't want to smell me' this was his way of saying. 'Your breath freaking stinks, mom' I liked his way of telling me better. I am still laughing about it, even though I was kind of embarrassed.

-I get so disappointed when I have to make a return to the store.

- I had plans to get sushi with my mom and sister tonight but had to cancel...I am SO bummed out. I was looking forward to it so much.

Have a healthy weekend!